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Salomon X3 10 CS Ski Boot


Pros: ankle and heel hold, very light, custom fit

Cons: very stiff getting on in the parking lot, cold toes in the afternoon

I have about 8 ski days on these so far. I had them do the custom shell before day 1 and haven't had any extra trouble breaking these in, compared to other boots in the past. No real hot spots and liner feels better each day.


I'm reviewing to disagree with the excessive forward lean review on this boot.. I have been noticing, on the slopes, that the stance is very neutral. I do not use a heel lift, like the other reviewer.


These boots are extremely difficult to get on and off, but that's mainly because of the construction and isn't a true "Con". I have had cold toes almost every day I've had them out, as the liner is pretty thin and wouldn't provide much "warmth". I'll look for warmer socks.


Overall, great boot and has heel hold that cannot be matched by many other boots. Custom shell allows for wider than 98mm forefoot. (mine feet are actually about 98mm on one and 100mm on the other). This all results in awesome control, that has upped my control and carving to the next level.


Pros: excellent control and super custom fit

Cons: not very warm

Did the custom mold thing in the shop. Have to admit, no pressure points and the ski fit like a glove. The heel hold down on this boot is remarkable and probably the best you will get anywhere. The DIN rating for this boot is 120 and I am coming off a 110 so it was a little more stiff than what I am used to. I found the boot gave me excellent control on the hard pack but put me in the back seat in the bumps. That could be because I am over sixty, 160 lbs and not as aggresive as my younger days. This is an aggresive boot with a neutral stance so stay forward if you want to realise this boots full potential, don't get caught in the back seat. My fear is the boots warmth, which it is not. My feet were cold after a few runs and this is a real concern to me as I ski in the east which has it's share of cold days. Maybe battery packs are the answer or a neoprene shell. Any sugestions?


Pros: very slim cuff, thin liner, very light boot

Cons: too much forward lean

I  tried this boot on in the local store yesterday.  First impressions are that this is an amazing fit out of the box.  I could actually see skiing this with little to no adjustments and for my foot and leg shape this is what I would call a plug fit all around but without all the grinding and hassle.  Lucky me, but may not be the same issue for others.  The boot is very light.  IN fact so light it makes one wonder if this is race worthy, but I've never skied it.  What a boot feels like in the store is almost always different from the mountain experience.


The only thing that I don't like about it is the aggressive forward lean.  The boot board according to the shop is flat.  No ramp angle internally at all, yet I can still feel myself pushed into the cuff a bit when standing.  This would be okay except for the fact I  still need a slight heel lift so I can get the correct articulation with ankle flex.  I know right away this would need perhaps a  toe or binding  lift.  Maybe have the shop straighten out the cuff which is possible, but I would hate doing that on a new boot.  major things like that should work out of the box.    I think what I like the best is the very narrow cuff.  This is what I've always wanted but could never get with my head boots.  Stance is the only real issue but one that can be corrected   The liner is also very soft and normally I would say too much, however its so thin its like a sock really and with an added booster strap I doubt you would notice..   Would love to try it but the price tag is steep.  900 dollars.  I think I'll wait a year or so when I can pick it up for a couple hundred like all legacy boots.


I would try ranking some of these ratings, but who are they kidding.  True fit?  what does that mean?  True fit for ME, then yes it truly fits with probably zero modification.  how it fits someone else,  I would never know.  Durability.  Looks like its reliable.  metal buckles, etc.  Only time can say.  performance, again I havent skied it so cant say.  If it skis as good as it feels on the foot and leg then I would ALMOST say its worth the 900 bucks, but Im a realist.  what can I say.  It will be sitting at ski mart for next to nothing in a few years... Till then I will play with the my head boots.  They have a more nuetral stance anyways which is what I like.  Stance is everything in a boot.

Salomon X3 10 CS Ski Boot

The construction of the World Cup model built with a more comfortable last shape and the latest Salomon fit technology - Custom Shell. The performance and the precision of the WC model is now accessible to expert skiers.

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