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Salomon Ranger Custom Air Helmet


Pros: Comfortable, Custom Air

Cons: Premium Pricing

I got this helmet at the beginning of last season. Wasn't the cheapest but it fitted my rather wide head very well in the largest size they had. The custom air when i first heard about it, i thought was a gimmick, but after skiing two straight weeks with it on I knew it was certainly by far one of the best helmets I had owned. Hearing was not too badly affected and it felt nice and light on my head.


The custom air feature is innovative and greatly improved the comfort of the helmet providing perfect snugness without being painful at all


I used it again later in the season on a trip away from Europe to the east coast of the US and to cut to the chase this helmet saved my life. I was badly concussed and bleeding but I am writing this know so it clearly worked.


Another thing I admired about the helmet was that it is designed so that it fits perfectly with any pair of salomon goggles which is a good thing, no more gaping or having the goggles digging into your cheeks cause the helmets pushing down from above yet another good idea.


All in all this helmet is a great one, it saved my life, but even if I hadn't crashed I'd still be looking positively on this product. Some people complain about price but really any helmet that does its job is worth its value.


Pros: Air bladder for custom fit, warm, vented, low profile

Cons: Expensive

Any helmet fit is very dependent on the shape of each person's head, so be sure to try any one on if you can before you buy. 


That said, the really cool thing about this helmet is the air bladder inside that customizes the fit (hence the name).  It's NOT some gimmick, it TRULY works.  There's a little "pump" at the back of the helmet that you squeeze about 5 or 6 times that pumps air into the bladder inside the helmet.  This fills in the gaps between your noggin and the shell, essentially creating a customized fit unique to each person.  It also helps snug up the fit, preventing slipping when moving/bumping around on the hill could shake things loose on a normal helmet.  To let the air out, just press the button and hold it and the air escapes, just like a slow-release balloon.  Quite an ingenious design, really.


The pull tab on the back for goggles is excellent, easily accessible even with mitts on.  The helmet is also vented, controlled by at push tab along the top to control how much airflow you want.  It's also very warm as well and runs a very low profile, even better than the Smith Vantage from what I saw when I tried them both on.


The only downside I could note in terms of design is that the earflaps are secured with Velcro strips and if you have a habit of really tugging on your helmet by the earflaps to get it snugly into place, then the they'll start to pull away a bit along the Velcro tabs.  Not a big deal, just don't rip your helmet into place by the earflaps when you put it on.  There is some light wind noise in the ear flaps when zooming, but nothing unique to this helmet; you do need to hear, after all.


Regular price is a bit expensive but there are some fantastic sales on that make the final purchase price very reasonable for what you get.  The comfort and customization is worth every penny.  Top notch helmet in just about every category.


Pros: Comfortable, air pump makes it a very snug fit.

Cons: A little wind leakage around air flap

Overall a great helmet if a little pricey. This is my 3rd helmet I've owned over the years and has the best fit around my head. The air makes all the difference, creates a nice snug fit. I have 3 different brands of goggles and they all fit well where helmet and google meet. I was out skiing in nor'easter we just had after xmas and noticed some air leakage around air flaps but wind was gusting up to 50 mph, other times it was fine. I liked the look of the black Impact Custom Air more, but wife would have went bonkers if I paid $160 for a helmet since she paid $50 for hers. Very good helmet if you have a hard time finding a helmet that fits well without any movement or sloppy fit.

Salomon Ranger Custom Air Helmet

Except for when they sing the Star Spangled Banner at the rodeo, there are few circumstances in which a Texas Ranger will take off his or her cowboy hat. Serious ski addicts will find even fewer reasons to take off the super-comfortable Ranger Custom Air Helmet from Salomon. But don't worry'if you find yourself at a Texas rodeo in your Ranger Custom Helmet getting odd stares and beer thrown at you, that's just the locals' way of saying hello to strangers. And keep in mind too that we don't recommend getting into the ring with the Ranger; while the Custom Air system is rad on the slopes, it probably hasn't been tested against bull-horns and angry rodeo clowns.

Recommended UseSki, snowboard
Weight1lb 1oz (470g)
Material[Shell] In-mold polycarbonate; [Liner] EPS
AdjustabilitySlidelock Chin, Custom Air Liner
CertificationsASTM F2040 and CE EN1077
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White Matte, Size: XS109410-XS
Color: White Matte, Size: XL109410-XL
Color: Black Matte, Size: XXL109408-XXL
Color: Black Matte, Size: XS109408-XS
Color: Black Matte, Size: XL109408-XL801634967758
Color: Black Matte, Size: M109408-M801634967734
Color: Black Matte, Size: L109408-L801634967741
Color: White Matte, Size: S109410-S801634967840
Color: White Matte, Size: M109410-M801634967857
Color: White Matte, Size: L109410-L801634967864
Color: Grey Matte, Size: XXL109409-XXL
Color: Grey Matte, Size: XS109409-XS
Color: Grey Matte, Size: XL109409-XL801634967819
Color: Grey Matte, Size: S109409-S801634967789
Color: Grey Matte, Size: M109409-M801634967796
Color: Grey Matte, Size: L109409-L801634967802
Color: White Matte, Size: XXL109410-XXL
Color: Blue Matte, Size: XXL109411-XXL
Color: Blue Matte, Size: XS109411-XS
Color: Blue Matte, Size: XL109411-XL801634967444
Color: Blue Matte, Size: S109411-S801634967901
Color: Blue Matte, Size: M109411-M801634967918
Color: Blue Matte, Size: L109411-L801634967451
Color: Black Matte, Size: S109408-S801634967727
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