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Salomon Quest 12 Ski Boot


Pros: the tilting shaft

Cons: dangerous with crosscountry bindings

Looking on the net about these puppies, you will notice a lot of "dangerous boots" with the so called crosscountry binding setup (only connected to the toe). Salomon pulled that option from production (much too late though).

The big buckle is known to snap (reason why i bought spares for a 30bucks.... just in case.


However what remains is a nice alpine boot.

I was used to langes comp and these are different indeed.

Nice (thermo) fit.

No cold feet anymore. ;-)

My feet feel comfy but with enough control for my volkl grizzly.

Forward Lean ajusting to 30 deg seems to work better.

Raising the spoiler might do some extra

The inner shoe straps are neat.

The big upper stretching powerstrap is super.

The tilting shaft works (but don forget to loosen the buckle and strap else it does not walk super)

Light. lighter as my langes.


The alpine soles look like rubber and are a bit softer as the usual stuf but they are no way near rubber or vibram let alone anti skid. They are slippery on wet wood and wet tiles. In between is a rubbery substance but you do not walk on that... 


From above the ankle up i still have some small bitchin blisters especially on the front of my shins, so i have my reservation about that SCS tongue especially because my shins blisters are exactly on a spot in the tonge where it goes from hollow to raised.  

This might also have to do with the fact those shoes were new and snow conditions where heavy anything between concrete, sticky glue and plain water skiing, which made me work them hard. Fatter socks helped a bit and some compeed/second skin patches.

Salomon claims better transpiration transport, and my feet stay warm indeed, also seen some water between the inner shoe and outer shell (condensation) but my feet did feel a tad wet in those shoes.



In the end a nice recomendable shoe.

Salomon Quest 12 Ski Boot

The new Salomon Quest 12 has the very best of all Salomons cutting edge technology and years of experience to deliver probably the ultimate all-mountain/free ride/touring/go anywhere ski boot. VIEW Mini Video here Stunning in looks, clever in design, high in features, the Quest 12 is guaranteed to be a world best seller. Ski down the whole mountain and walk up the mountain. The Quest 12 gives you the stiffness and stability of a piste boot but with a few quick adjustments you have an all mountain/free-ride/ touring ski boot. Can be fitted with touring pads (sold seperately) which are compatible with all touring bindings including Dynafit. The Quest 12 is aimed at advanced to expert skiers. PU shell, PP cuff with a release cuff system for easy walking & better skiing. Ride & Hike technology. Backbone release. Magnesium Back bone -improves power transmission. V-Shape lower shell- enables alpine flex and walk/hike function. True Alpine flex - cuff locks into lower shell for more direct power transmission. Quicklace system. Heel cushioning system, Cushioning system on tongue, Racing spoiler, forward pressure plate, 55mm power strap. Fitted with alpine pads.(Interchangeable) My Custom Fit pro-liner + Biovent. Customisable heat moldable Custom Fit Pro Liner, for a perfect close fit to the exact shape of your foot in less than 20 minutes. BioVent Technology. The very first breathable liner to keep your feet warm and dry. The BioVent liner material helps to regulate body temperature. It captures and vents away 30%-50% more water away from you feet than a regular liner. Salomon Flex Index: 120 Last width: 100mm .

Binding Compatibility
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
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Shell Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
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