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Salomon Impact 8 CS Boot


Pros: Custom shell and liner, good on-snow performance

Cons: Liner packs out more than I thought it would

Picked up a pair of these this winter, finally retiring my trusty old SX92 équipes.  I was super impressed by the custom heat-fit liner and heat moldable shell.  During the fitting process I experienced a few pressure points that disappeared completely during the heat molding process.  They felt uncomfortably tight in the store to the point that they put my feet to sleep during the fitting process, but I wasn't that concerned as I knew they would pack out.  The bootfitter said that the liners would compress after a few hard runs but that the difference wouldn't be that dramatic.


After half a dozen days on these boots, the liner has compressed far more than I expected.  The fit is still good, but I am now closer to the limit of the buckles than I like to be.  In the store I was on the first or second notch; now I am using the 3rd or 4th notch.  For a performance boot, I didn't think they would pack out nearly as quickly (or as much) as they have.  The good news is that the fit is still very good and they are some of the most comfortable boots I have ever owned while still being very responsive.


As great as the custom shell is, it isn't without it's drawbacks.  The heat moldable material seems to be much softer than the plastic used in other boots, and after a few days of skiing bumps the insides of the boots are marked up considerably.  Any plastic is going to come out on the losing end of an encounter with ski edges, but these seem to gouge and scratch much more easily than any other boots I have ever owned. (including other Salomons)


All in all, I really like these boots but the quickness of the liner compression concerns me a little.  I noticed most of the change in the first few days I skied on them, so I don't expect them to pack out a whole lot more until age starts to catch up to them.  In the meantime, they are very responsive and very comfortable for a performance boot.  The 100 flex is perhaps a little on the soft side for me, but it hasn't been an issue at all.


I have the unfortunate combination of a fairly wide forefoot with a very skinny ankle, and had a lot of trouble finding a boot that fit me until I tried these.  Despite the durability concerns, Salomon's custom shell technology really impressed me and I would recommend trying these to anyone who has trouble getting a boot to fit their foot.  Just make sure you get the assistance of a good boot fitter and make sure they are extremely tight in the store, as they will pack out more than you think.

Salomon Impact 8 CS Boot

Built for intermediate to advanced skiers the Salomon Impact 8 CS Ski Boots feature the first and only heat moldable shell and liner. That’s right, heat moldable shell. This special shell has all the characteristics of a normal boot when cold, but is pliable when heated. The result is a boot that molds to your foot exactly, increasing precision, sensitivity, power and comfort. The Salomon Impact 8 CS Ski Boots feature a medium/stiff 100 flex with a slightly wider forefoot perfect for those who need a little more side-to-side room from their ski boots but do not want to sacrifice performance.

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