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Salomon Falcon CS Pro Ski Boot - Men's


Pros: Great out of the box performance and fit

Cons: Pricey, no serviceable toe or heel

Salomon has traditionally been my boot of choice due to my wide foot, and this one doesn't disappoint. In fact, after they were molded they had the best immediate fit of any boot I've ever owned with the least amount of trips back to the boot fitter to tweak them to the shape of my foot. I traditionally get my boots with a race fit and spend roughly half my first season in them taking multiple trips back to the shop with lots of beer to get them to fit right.. Not so with these, had it all worked out in 3 trips. Bottom line the conformable shell works! Performance wise they are excellent, as good as any race boot I've owned. They could be a little stiffer, but I think they have corrected it for the 09-10 season and now offer models with 120 and 130 stiffness. The only real drawback for me other than the price is the lack of replaceable toe and heel pads.


Pros: Great fitting boot

Cons: Toes can get cold at times

I have had these boots for a year,they are a great fitting boot that gives a good performance.


Pros: Custom fit, very responsive

Cons: Toes can get a little cold.

Haven't been in Salomon boots in quite some time as they haven't fit my foot type for a while.  They used to be my favorite boot brand.  With these boots, they are again!  For a 98mm last, they are very comfortable and the the custom shell really works.  Had a couple of hot spots on each foot when trying on the boots straight out of the box.  Once the custom shell work was done, both feet felt perfect.  Four days of hard skiing from powder to hard pack and the boots gave me no problems.  Just a bit of a problem with cold toes on the first day.


Pros: Custom moldable liner and shell, race fit, micro-adjust buckles, fat power strap

Cons: Little softer than the non-custom shell version

Salomon has eliminated the hassle of custom boot work with this boot.  They have also found a way to combine comfort and performance into the same boot. With its 130 flex and narrow last, this boot is as stiff as any race boot. And the custom moldable shell...wow! The first time the salesman told me about this technology, I didn't believe him. This technology added a level of comfort I've never felt before. And it was all acheived in one 3 hour trip to the shop. The boots did seem a little pricey at first, but the time and money saved going back and forth to the boot fitter is worth the initial investment. I am now a Salomon guy for life!!

FYI- I usually buy boots that are a full size smaller than my shoe size. With this boot, I had to buy a full size and a half smaller to achieve the fit I like.
Salomon Falcon CS Pro Ski Boot - Men's

The Salomon Men s Falcon CS (custom shell) Pro Ski Boot incorporates patented Kaprolene material that molds easily for a custom fit without the rigors of traditional boot fitting. The Kaprolene shell areas become maleable when heated, and retains their shape when cooled, giving this boot a last size that ranges anywhere from 98-106mm. These 120 flex boots use Salomon s Spaceframe technology for a responsive feel without foot-crushing rigidity--and Salomon gave the Falcon CS Pro a three-layer, thermoformable My Custom Pro liner that conforms to your foot for great comfort and response. The 35mm power strap increases cuff support and adds to the boots stiff, progressive flex.

Binding Compatibility
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
Number of Buckles
Recommended Level
Replaceable soles
Shell Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Red Tranlucent, Size: 28.5892626-28.5801634262099
Color: Red Tranlucent, Size: 26.0892626-26.0
Color: Red Tranlucent, Size: 25.0892626-25.0
Color: Red Tranlucent, Size: 25.5892626-25.5801634262037
Color: Red Tranlucent, Size: 26.5892626-26.5801634262051
Color: Red Tranlucent, Size: 27.0892626-27.0
Color: Red Tranlucent, Size: 27.5892626-27.5801634262075
Color: Red Tranlucent, Size: 28.0892626-28.0
Color: Red Tranlucent, Size: 29.0892626-29.0
Color: Red Tranlucent, Size: 29.5892626-29.5801634262112
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