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Salomon Falcon 10 Ski Boot - Men's


Pros: Perfect fit for my 10.5 "D" size

Cons: none

 I need 11 degrees of cant under my left foot. We got 10 degrees in the boot and 1 degree under the binding. This is the best fitting boot I have ever owned and that's something since this is also my 60th year skiing as both a Patroller and Instructor.
I can wear them all day with no problems.


Pros: Light, firm, responsive

Cons: Discontinued

I must have prototypical feet.  These boots fit me straight out of the box.  I tried on a number of boots after being measured by a fitter.  Right away I knew they were right.  They were firm and snug everywhere without any hot spots.  They weren't too big, as I could feel my toes at the front.


After purchase, I was advised to wear them for an hour each night for a few days.  This was supposed to mold the My Custom Fit liner to my feet.  Well, I had to work really hard to keep blood circulating to my toes during those hours.  Still no hot spots, just tight all over.


The first time skiing in them was better, but I had to unbuckle them for the ride up the lift.  Compared to previous boots I've used (performance rentals such as Lange Banshee), these were a breath of fresh air.  The power and control and feeling of being locked in impressed me.  Also significant was how small and light they are.  Not clunky at all.


After 20 days, they don't challenge my circulation anymore.  I don't need to unbuckle, either.  Generally, I don't run them quite as tight as I used to.  For a challenging run, however, I may crank them down a bit more and then I'll need relief at the bottom.


I think I really lucked-out on these, my first pair of boots.  I'm bummed that they've been discontinued, as I have no idea what I'll replace them with.  Ideally, I'd want the same exact thing, perhaps with a bit more stiffness.


Details: I'm 5' 9", 150 lbs. wear 9.5 street shoe, boots are 26.5


Pros: Great fit, enough adjustments to fine tune, low profile, stiff enough for a strong skier.

Cons: No replaceable heels and toes, New model has CS check it out.

This boot is fantastic, it has a higher density liner than any other off the shelf boot i have ever tried on.  In turn this boot doesnt pack out as much as alot of the others on the market.  The see through shell is not only cosmetic but it makes it that much easier to get those little spot grinds done in no time.  That little bit is for all those boot fitters out there.  Great upper cuff fits well on a lower profile calf and adjustments in the spine of the boot work well to soften or stiff the overall flex of the boot.


Pros: Control, fit, warm

Cons: too narrow for me

Great Salomon performance.  Narrower than my older Xwave boots.  Too narrow for my widening feet.
Salomon Falcon 10 Ski Boot - Men's

The Salomon Falcon 10 Ski Boot gives advanced and expert skiers the strength and agility to push their skiing to the next level. With a burly (110) flex and innovative Spaceframe design, the Falcon soars above the competition. Salomon's innovative Spaceframe uses different thicknesses of shell material throughout the boot, employing higher densities at crucial strength points and less material at others. This allows for amazing strength and power transmission without compromising your performance with burdensome weight. The Spaceframe construction also makes for an extremely sensitive feel, for precise control and unprecedented feel as you tear down the mountain. The Falcon 10's customizable My Custom Race liner gives you amazing comfort without compromising feel and performance.

Binding Compatibility
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
Number of Buckles
Recommended Level
Replaceable soles
Shell Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 24.0892628-24.0
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 24.5892628-24.5
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 25.0892628-25.0
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 25.5892628-25.5801634241742
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 26.0892628-26.0
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 26.5892628-26.5801634241766
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 27.0892628-27.0
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 27.5892628-27.5801634242077
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 28.0892628-28.0
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 28.5892628-28.5801634242091
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 29.0892628-29.0
Color: Red Translucent, Size: 29.5892628-29.5801634242114
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