Saas Fee Reviews

William Donovan

Saas-Fee: guaranteed skiing


Pros: High, Huge Vertical Drop, Charming Village

Cons: Choke Points, Big queues during peak season

I've been coming to Saas-Fee for the past seven years every Christmas and New year for two weeks.   Though I don't actually stay in the Fee, rather the village of Unter den Bodmen halfway between Saas-Almagell and Saas-Grund, I spend the majority of my time skiing there.   You read reviews constantly complaining about how Saas-Fee is north facing and always in the shadow, but last time I checked the ski resorts worldwide that have the best skiing conditions tend to always face north (Northern Hemisphere). If anything this produces some of the best skiing on well groomed runs I have experienced.   Saas-Fee has several negatives, as any resort with character...
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Saas-Fee: high altitude, reliable snow


Pros: High base/summit elevation, modern lifts

Cons: Somewhat remote

Saas-Fee sits towards the eastern end of Switzerland's Rhone Valley, just a short distance from Zermatt.  Like Zermatt, it is a car-free village, which adds to it's charm....a very lively and walkable village.  Unlike Zermatt, you don't need to take a train to get to the resort, but you do have to park on the outskirts of town and either walk or take a bus to the lift stations.     The high elevation and north westerly exposure make for reliable snow conditions.  I visited in the midst of a very dry spell (Feb 2011), but the pistes were in good shape, especially at the upper elevations (2500-3500m).  The views of the surrounding glaciers are dramatic,...
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