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Saas Fee

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To fly in to Saas-Fee, you have the choice between 3 international Airports. Depending on which airline you prefer it would be Zürich or Geneva (Switzerland) or Milan (Italy). If do not rent a car (as Saas-Fee is car free, it would not help you much once you got there), the easiest way is to travel by train. Do not worry about your luggage, you can check it in at the train station at the airport and pick it up in Saas-Fee. This works for all Swiss airports, I am not sure about Italy. The trains in Switzerland are reliable and you can check www.sbb.ch for exact times. From Zürich it takes about 3:20 Zürich airport, depending on your arrival time you have to change the train once or twice and the last part from Visp will be by bus. From Geneva its about 3:20/30 h and you have to change the train only once, again from Visp by bus. From Milan Malpensa airport it will take you between 4:30 and 7 hours and you take the same bus from Visp once you got there.

If you still want to rent a car, keep in mind that you have to park in the car park and can not even use it, to drop off your luggage at the hotel. Do not worry, most hotels pick you up with an electric vehicle if you give them notice you have arrived. You could also leave the car in Saas-Baalen or Saas-Almagell and take the bus from there. How to get to Saas-Fee depends on the time of the year (passes open or closed) and direction you are coming from. From west you go via Lausanne, Visp and up the hill untill you reach Saas-Fee. From north, you go via Bern and take the Lötschberg-Autoverlad. That means you take a train with your car and go through the mountain like that. Be careful, the Autoverlad does not operate during the night!! You can check out prices and the timetable here: http://www.bls.ch/e/autoverlad/autoverlad.php . Coming from South you can use the Simplon pass (there might be plenty of snow even when it is open, make sure you get snow chains for car and have proper tires.) or board a train with your car http://www.sbb.ch/en/station-services/car-bike/smart-combinations/autoverlad-simplon.html Again be aware of the timetable. If you travel from East there is Furka pass or Autoverlad depending on weather and snow. http://www.matterhorngotthardbahn.ch/en/spezial_offers/car_transport/furka/timetable/Pages/default.aspx 

If you would like a local recommendation: Fly to Geneva, check in your luggage and enjoy a beautiful train ride next to the lakes without having to worry about anything. 


Here you find parking fees: http://www.saas-fee.ch/en/page.cfm/destination/parkplatz-information/parken-saas-fee



Saas-Fee is car free which leads to very clean air, silence and less worrying about your kids having a car accident. But it also might lead to a bit of walking, you might think. Do not worry, you won't have to walk in ski boots to get to the gondola. All hotels have electric cars and are happy to drive you or pick you up after skiing. Apart from that Saas-Fee is not too big and can walk everywhere easily. If you decide to rent a flat instead of going to a hotel, it very much depends on where it is etc. Sometimes they offer the same service as the hotels do. Apart from that there is always the "Allalino" which you can board: 

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Saas Fee

Saas Fee located in the beautiful Valais is one of Europe's highest ski resorts. With its altitude of 3456 m, skiing possible all year round (please always check before booking, especially in May/early June it can be closed because there is not enough interest in skiing at that time). The village itself is based on 1800m, so you can still enjoy a good sleep. During summer and autumn you can meet ski teams and ski stars from all over the world. Saas-Fee has slopes for all abilities and a great freestyle park. The glaciers are breathtaking, but one should always go with a guide to explore them. For non skiers there are also many options outside and inside (from spa to shopping). The cuisine is typically for Valais/Switzerland ("Rösti", Cheese, "Walliserfleisch"). But you can also find plenty other options. Saas-Fee is a safe to book in advance because you will always find snow.

Snow making percent
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Magic carpet
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Rope tow
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Poma
Lifts-Surface Lifts-T bar3
Lifts-Surface Lifts-J bar
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Single
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Double
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Triple
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Quad
Lifts-Chair Lifts-High speed quad
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Five person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Six person2
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Eight person
Lifts-Coggle train
Lifts-Total number of lifts22
Lifts-Total lift capacity
Trails-4-Expert only
Trails-5-Terrain parkyes
Trails-6-Half pipe
Runs-Steepest run
Runs-Longest run
General-Base elevation1800m
General-Vertical drop1700m
General-Mountain rangeSwiss Alps
General-Annual skier visits
General-Back country accessYes
General-Total area in bounds
General-Snow making coverageYes
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Pros: High, Huge Vertical Drop, Charming Village

Cons: Choke Points, Big queues during peak season

I've been coming to Saas-Fee for the past seven years every Christmas and New year for two weeks.


Though I don't actually stay in the Fee, rather the village of Unter den Bodmen halfway between Saas-Almagell and Saas-Grund, I spend the majority of my time skiing there.


You read reviews constantly complaining about how Saas-Fee is north facing and always in the shadow, but last time I checked the ski resorts worldwide that have the best skiing conditions tend to always face north (Northern Hemisphere). If anything this produces some of the best skiing on well groomed runs I have experienced.


Saas-Fee has several negatives, as any resort with character has. The lift system from the village though innovative, The alpin express being the first tri-cable gondola in the world; and the metro alpin the highest funicular in the world taking you to the top, tends to have several points were queues are almost certain such as any lift from the base. I don't want to rant but I do not understand people who catch the lift up in the morning to either of the middle stations, Spielboden or Morenia, and then ski down again to the base clogging up the early morning rush and making huge queues even bigger. The access trail to the new high speed 6-person chairlift at Morenia is also frustrating owing to its blind and tight corners, and the inability for beginner snowboarders and skiers to maintain there speed effectively blocking the chairlift off and extend queue times.


My main frustration with Saas Fee is the lack of opportunities to have a seat between runs of its twenty two lifts only three have seats, two chairlifts and an ancient gondola. The rest of the lifts are standing, either in a cable car or the alpin express gondola or on tbars. I honestly don't understand why the base beginner section does not have a detachable chair as inexperienced skiers and boarders do have difficulty getting on to tbars.


These issues I have raised above are not my biggest problem I have with Saas-Fee. The lift ticket prices! please do not quote me on this but they are exceptionally expensive compared to other similarly sized ski resorts throughout Europe. I don't know were the money goes because the on mountain grooming the sufficient is not superb and there certainly could be more snowmaking. And it isn't spent on access from the bus station or village to the slopes as they are both strenuous and time consuming walks.


My final negative on the Fee is the people who visit it. I am not wanting to say anything too controversial as I know it does not apply to everyone there but I just don't understand why you would if you are not a great skier get back to the village by skiing down. Its like trying to ski through a minefield of out of control beginners skiing down a red run which by the end of the day should be classified as a black run. Seriously there is no shame in getting the lift down! why ruin a good days skiing.


Ok I know i've basically listed a huge amount of cons for Saas-Fee. But I assure you they are only my frustrations as an avid skier. The skiing is usually world class, with fairly wide slopes that are well marked with poles, wouldn't want to ski off the glacier into a pesky crevasse. The best runs can be found     : underneath the Egginer, by catching the Tbar up to the Egginerjoch; also the glacial skiing up at allalin is often underused but superb, people have a tendency to just ski top to bottom when they would have a much better days skiing breaking there skiing up into vertical segments. Plattjen should be skied early in the morning when freshly groomed. Also the run beneath the spielboden gondola which has been recently widened should be skied by all good intermediates looking for a rush going straight over the very steep edges from were the grooming tracks cross the run. The felsental from the top of the Felskinn is a black run which will vary in difficulty depending on snow conditions present.


Food wise on the slopes there is a fair bit of variety, everywhere will have the Swiss staples though, which is good. The pick for many visitors is the morenia self service restaurant with a wide variety and alright pricing. Off the slopes down in the village there is plenty to choose from for food based on your preferences. My advice is if you are on a budget do not picnic but limit yourself to the less expensive items on the menus such as pommes frittes. 


The village has plenty of apres and is characterised by its quaint charm and imposing views of the mischabel massif.


The saas Valley has two other ski areas and a single short lift in Saas-Balen. Saas-grund is the second biggest area in the valley, It has specatcular vertical drop and much to my pleasure has a gondola from 2400m to 3200m with seats! because of its size it gets very busy in peak times but offpeak its a dream to ski with enough variety for several days skiing. Further up the valley is the traditional village of Saas-Almagell home to skiing legend Pirmin Zurbriggen, with its two double chairlifts it is not the biggest of areas but offers the best value food at the restaurant at furggstalden and also at the cafe at the top which has sweeping views of the top of the valley. To conclude these two areas they are definately worth a visit and have there own advantages.


In summary Saas-Fee is a traditional charming village with great skiing, tasty food and a fairly good atmosphere. Though it has some problems they are slowly being addressed and improved. I would highly recommend going to Saas-Fee and I am sure you will too.


Pros: High base/summit elevation, modern lifts

Cons: Somewhat remote

Saas-Fee sits towards the eastern end of Switzerland's Rhone Valley, just a short distance from Zermatt.  Like Zermatt, it is a car-free village, which adds to it's charm....a very lively and walkable village.  Unlike Zermatt, you don't need to take a train to get to the resort, but you do have to park on the outskirts of town and either walk or take a bus to the lift stations.  


The high elevation and north westerly exposure make for reliable snow conditions.  I visited in the midst of a very dry spell (Feb 2011), but the pistes were in good shape, especially at the upper elevations (2500-3500m).  The views of the surrounding glaciers are dramatic, although for scenery it does not quite measure up to it's famous neighbor.


Lifts were modern and efficient.  Lines mid-week were non-exisistent, except for the funicular train to the summit.  Even there, it was only a short wait.  


Conditions were not conducive to off-piste skiing during my visit, but it is obvious from the surrounding terrain that there are many options, including a traverse to the Britannia mountain hut, part of the Swiss Alpine Club system.