Ruroc RG-1X Reviews

Kyle Cherry

Ruroc RG-1X


Pros: Lightweight, Durable, Safe, Attractive (Arguable), Comfortable, Warm.

Cons: Non-Attractive (Arguable), Bulky, Steep Price.

Let me start off by giving a brief introduction to Ruroc helmets. Ruroc helmets are some of the safest (and best looking) helmets that money can buy. They are even used by F1 pit crews by the likes of Mclaren, Caterham, Red Bull, and more. But keep in mind, they are designed for snowsports and that is all that they are certified for. When you purchase a RG-1 or RG-1X (costs anywhere from $200 to $340) you get 3 pieces, the high impact helmet, 180 degree OTG goggles with a standard smoked out lens, and the high-impact ABS mask. If you buy a RG-1X you will also get a color matched iridescent lens. So lets start from the top, the helmet has a "High Impact" ABS shell, an EPS liner, and is...
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