Ruroc RG-1X


Pros: Lightweight, Durable, Safe, Attractive (Arguable), Comfortable, Warm.

Cons: Non-Attractive (Arguable), Bulky, Steep Price.

Let me start off by giving a brief introduction to Ruroc helmets. Ruroc helmets are some of the safest (and best looking) helmets that money can buy. They are even used by F1 pit crews by the likes of Mclaren, Caterham, Red Bull, and more. But keep in mind, they are designed for snowsports and that is all that they are certified for. When you purchase a RG-1 or RG-1X (costs anywhere from $200 to $340) you get 3 pieces, the high impact helmet, 180 degree OTG goggles with a standard smoked out lens, and the high-impact ABS mask. If you buy a RG-1X you will also get a color matched iridescent lens. So lets start from the top, the helmet has a "High Impact" ABS shell, an EPS liner, and is extremely light. If you buy a RG-1X the helmet will also have a Ruroc branded "Peak" with a GoPro mount hidden underneath. Now on to the goggles. The goggles have an extremely high quality dual pane lens with 100% UV 400 protection and 180 degree full field vision. The goggle frame is a thick rubber with air vents and a rubber "Ruroc" logo on both sides. The goggles can be compared against some of the best goggle manufacturers such as Oakley and Smith Optics. The last part of the helmet system, the part that Ruroc is known for, the face mask. The mask is made of high quality "Impact Resistant" ABS with a small vent in the center. The mask goes over the goggles and creates the biggest problem in Ruroc helmets, you need to take the mask off in order to remove your goggles. The mask clips in via two pins on either side that connect to the bottom of the helmet.

Now, on to the review.
The Ruroc RG-1X is an amazing product, it is safe, durable, light, comfortable, and fashonable! I have used my Ruroc once at Mountain High in Southern California in 25 Degree weather and it got fairly warm but not hot. It definitely kept me very comfortable throughout the whole day. I had zero problems of my goggles fogging up or even blurring. The "peak" did a very good job of keeping the sun out of my face when sitting on the chairlifts with my goggles up. The helmet did keep the snow out of my face from the many, many wipeouts that I had and kept me from getting slapped in the face by random branches while skiing through the trees. It also kept a lot of wind out when just straight bombing down the hill. When we decided to stop for lunch we got a ton of attention from people asking what the hell a stormtrooper on skis was doing on some random mountain in southern Cali. biggrin.gif After lunch I had a few problems with the face mask, when you slam your face into the snow, it tends to build up in the vent and freezes the air coming through it. It was also very unpleasant when my nose or eye started to itch because you have to take the mask off or just deal with it, but it wasn't a huge deal the whole day so it didn't really annoy me.

Now, before I conclude this review I would like to go over some of the negatives with this helmet (it has to be fair right? lol). First, Ruroc only makes two sizes, Small and Medium/Large. Why is this a problem? Because even the larges are still very small, I like to think that I have a relatively small head and the M/L is a very snug fit. Ruroc has said that they will be releasing a XL later this season but I still think that its a little too late for the people with larger heads. The other "major" problem with the helmet is the fact that you have to remove the face mask before you can remove the goggles, but its not a very big problem for me at least.

Overall I would give the Ruroc RG-1X a 9 out of 10.

(I will upload more pictures upon request) biggrin.gif
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Ruroc RG-1X

Ruroc RG-1X full helmet system.

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