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A Review On: Rossignol Zenith Pro 120

Rossignol Zenith Pro 120

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Pros: Good stiff boot for aggressive skiers

Cons: PAIN, PAIN, Way too narrow

I bought theseto replace an old pair of Nordicas and they were great in the shop, I have been skiing for abot 30 years and know what I like in boots. I have normal width feet these boots have a 98mm last!


The shop was a warehouse so it was cold and the boots were nice and stiff, I had them on for an hour or so with no problems.


I took then racing in Austria and within 2 hours the pain started, by lunch it was unbearable and I had to take them off. no amount of tinkering with the buckles could fix the problem.


I tried the boots again on my second day and the same again!!!


I rented a pair of Pheonix Dragon 100 boots for the remainder of my holiday, which were too loose but not painfull!


I still have tingling toes 2 months later.


I am not blaming the bootfitter as they were fine in the shop but this was unbearable.


I now have Nordica Speedmachine 130's which fit me better.


If you have VERY narrow feet these boots may be ok but be very carefull.


Price paid was UK pounds (approx $315 US)


had the same boots and felt the same... funny enough I also got the Nordica boots and they are so much better!
just curious, where did you feel the most pain?
It was in my toes they very quickly went cold and then numb.
Apparently there is a blood vessel that runs down the outside of your foot that can get trapped by ill fitting boots.
I think if you have very narrow feet they will be good boots but your feet will have to be so narrow for these to be comfotable
I cant wait to use my new boots in anger :)