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Ride Orion Snowboard Boot - Women's

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Ride Orion Snowboard Boot - Women's

Progressing riders seeking comfort, look no further than the Ride Women's Orion Snowboard Boot. These boots' foam liners use your body heat to mold to the shape of your feet for an excellent fit and cushy support. J Bars on the liners' exteriors provide ankle stability and hold down your heels for solid energy transfer from your legs to your board. Lock Down Speed Laces let you cinch down your liners in a mere second.

Recommended UseAll-mountain snowboarding, progressing riders
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic leather; [Sole] rubber, EVA
Lacing SystemStandard
FlexNot specified
Removable LinerYes, moldable
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: R08217090, Color: White, Size: 9.0R08217090714636229475
Style: R08217085, Color: White, Size: 8.5R08217085714636229468
Style: R08217070, Color: White, Size: 7.0R08217070714636229437
Style: R08217065, Color: White, Size: 6.5R08217065714636229420
Style: R08217100, Color: White, Size: 10.0R08217100714636229482
Style: R08216065, Color: Black, Size: 6.5R08216065714636229338
Style: R08216085, Color: Black, Size: 8.5R08216085714636229376
Style: R08217060, Color: White, Size: 6.0R08217060714636229413
Style: R08216075, Color: Black, Size: 7.5R08216075714636229352
Style: R08216070, Color: Black, Size: 7.0R08216070714636229345
Style: R08217050, Color: White, Size: 5.0R08217050714636229406
Style: R08216100, Color: Black, Size: 10.0R08216100714636229390
Style: R08216060, Color: Black, Size: 6.0R08216060714636229321
Style: R08216080, Color: Black, Size: 8.0R08216080714636229369
Style: R08216050, Color: Black, Size: 5.0R08216050714636229314
Style: R08216090, Color: Black, Size: 9.0R08216090714636229383
Style: R08217075, Color: White, Size: 7.5R08217075714636229444
Style: R08217080, Color: White, Size: 8.0R08217080714636229451