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Ride EX Snowboard Binding

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Ride EX Snowboard Binding

Attack the whole mountain while strapped into your Ride EX Snowboard Binding. Ride gave the EX its mid-flex Foundation Chassis, a lightweight, durable system with an adjustable heel cup for the right fit. The highback provides proper biomechanical alignment and gives you lateral support and medial flex for excellent control and energy transfer. The Control footbed features EVA shockpads and adjustable toe ramp to absorb landings. The new convertible toe strap goes over the top or over the toe your choice.

Recommended UseIntermediate to advanced all-mountain snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
HighbackNylon composite
Strap[Ankle] Plush Support; [Toe] Convertible TL
BaseplateNylon, aluminum
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: R08514298, Color: White, Size: XLR08514298714636227228
Style: R08514398, Color: Day Glow Yellow, Size: XLR08514398714636227259
Style: R08514394, Color: Day Glow Yellow, Size: MR08514394714636227235
Style: R08514198, Color: Black, Size: XLR08514198714636227198
Style: R08514194, Color: Black, Size: MR08514194714636227174
Style: R08514196, Color: Black, Size: LR08514196714636227181
Style: R08514294, Color: White, Size: MR08514294714636227204
Style: R08514296, Color: White, Size: LR08514296714636227211
Style: R08514396, Color: Day Glow Yellow, Size: LR08514396714636227242