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Ride DH 2 Snowboard

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #10 in Men's Snowboards


The DH2 snowboard has a medium flex so it butters and presses pretty easily and the hybrid design helps to keep it flat while doing so. When it comes to flat basing, I didn't notice any problems especially considering that the hybrid design in general has been getting some complaints from customers in this area. In my opinion, if you are an intermediate or above snowboarder then you won't notice any issues with flat basing.

In comparison to a standard rocker, the added camber shape on this snowboard helps it stay flat on jump take-offs as well as grab an edge on jump landings (especially the longer jumps where the increased speed makes it easier to spin out). I didn't test this board on jibs, however many people do prefer a rocker profile if they are just focusing on jibs.

Ice and Packed Powder
I rate the grip above average due to the extra contact with the surface provided by the hybrid rocker design. However, it has slightly less grip than Lib Tech snowboards with magnetraction. All in all, it does a pretty good job and is much better than any rocker board that I have ridden.

Other Features
This snowboard feels very light but this could have an impact on long-term durability. I didn't hit any rocks, so this review does not get into that subject. A specific feature to Ride that is promoted in their advertising material for this board is a special rubber-like material in the sidewalls that is supposed to improve dampening. When I compared this to other hybrid boards that I tested on the same day, I did not notice any reduction in the amount of chatter I felt.

Technical Riding
I enjoyed taking this board into gullies and wall rides as it was very easy to whip around. This was probably the most fun part of riding the DH2.

There was no powder around on the day I tested the DH2, but in many ways it performed similar to the Lib Tech Attack Banana in off-piste conditions and the Attack Banana is excellent in powder conditions.

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Ride DH 2 Snowboard

Ride found a new formula to get you high, and it cooked up this jibbing machine. Picture your old DH, then, slap on Ride's new LowRize Rocker and LowRize sidecut to get the DH2 Snowboard's no-hook ride. Don't forget about the Pop Stixs or the Membrain top-sheet, unless you want this deck to put you in orbit.

Lengths151cm, 153cm, 155cm, 157cm, 159cm
Core MaterialTuned Core with Pop Stixs (wood composite)
Recommended UseAdvanced freestyle
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
BaseFusion 4000 (Sintered)
Snowboard TypeFreestyle
ShapeTwin, LowRize Rocker
Rider Weight[155cm] 130-180lb
Effective Edge[155cm] 1203mm
Waist Width[155cm] 252mm
Sidecut Radius[155cm] 8.0m
Stance Width[155cm] 55.8 (22in)
Stance SetbackCentered
Effective edge
Sidecut radius
Stance setback
Stance width
Waist width
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: R09027, Size: 157cmR09027-One Color-157714636345885
Style: R09027, Size: 155cmR09027-One Color-155714636345878
Style: R09027, Size: 153cmR09027-One Color-153714636345861
Style: R09027, Size: 151cmR09027-One Color-151714636345854
Style: R09027, Size: 159cmR09027-One Color-159714636345892