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Red Trace Helmet Reviews


Nice Helmet


Pros: sturdy, looks good

Cons: limited ventilation, bad goggle clip

I bought this helmet on sale at the Burton Factory Store in Burlington VT, so IĀ got it a good bit cheaper than full retail. I was able to use it for the rest of the season last year, and I'm definitely a fan. It has the hard plastic shell, which leaves it more scuff and ding resistant than those helmets that are just foam (like the Giro G9 or 10). This makes it a little heavier, but its not heavy by any means. The helmet is really well padded on the inside, which gives me a snug but comfortable fit. The helmet looks good, and fits perfectly with my goggles (I wear Anons, so its made to fit). The downsides to this helmet: It can get a little warm as the spring temps roll in, since it...
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