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Red Theory Helmet - 09/10

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Red Theory Helmet - 09/10

Behold a new concept in adjustable comfort and protection. The Red Theory Helmet packs Airvanced Ventilation and the Engage fit system so you can adjust your airflow and fit to your heart's delight. Red's ultra lightweight in-molded polycarbonate shell protects your brain pan from heavy impacts in the park or in the trees without weighing you down. Tweak your Airvanced ventilation system to bring in the perfect amount of cooling or close it off when the mercury really drops. Thanks to an Engage fit system you can change the circumference of your liner for maximum comfort and Finetuning provides you with the ability to mix and match padding to find the perfect warmth and fit factor. A goggle gasket gets rid of gaper gap, the Gloveson buckle make it a cinch to undo or clip in your chin strap, and Quick Clip II earpads provide warmth in the dead of winter and are easy to snap out when it warms up.

Recommended UseRiding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
MaterialUltra lightweight in-molded polycarbonate
VentilationHidden, integrated rider controlled venting
AdjustabilitySlidelock chin
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White Matte, Size: XL217213100XL632059261691
Color: Red Matte, Size: XL217213600XL632059270358
Color: Red Matte, Size: S217213600S632059270341
Color: Red Matte, Size: L217213600L632059270327
Color: Blue Metallic Matte, Size: XL217213402XL632059261790
Color: Blue Metallic Matte, Size: S217213402S632059261783
Color: Black Matte, Size: S217213001S632059261387
Color: Blue Metallic Matte, Size: L217213402L632059261769
Color: White Matte, Size: L217213100L632059261660
Color: Taupe Matte, Size: XL217213039XL632059261493
Color: Taupe Matte, Size: S217213039S632059261486
Color: Gunmetal, Size: XL217213041XL632059261578
Color: Blue Metallic Matte, Size: XXL217213402XXL632059261806
Color: Black Matte, Size: XL217213001XL632059261370
Color: Taupe Matte, Size: L217213039L632059261462
Color: Red Matte, Size: M217213600M632059270334
Color: Blue Metallic Matte, Size: M217213402M632059261776
Color: Red Matte, Size: XXL217213600XXL632059270365
Color: Gunmetal, Size: S217213041S632059261585
Color: Gunmetal, Size: M217213041M632059261592
Color: Gunmetal, Size: L217213041L632059261608
Color: Black Matte, Size: M217213001M632059261394
Color: Black Matte, Size: L217213001L632059261400
Color: White Matte, Size: S217213100S632059261684
Color: White Matte, Size: M217213100M632059261677
Color: Taupe Matte, Size: M217213039M632059261479
Color: Gunmetal, Size: XXL217213041XXL632059261561
Color: Taupe Matte, Size: XXL217213039XXL632059261509
Color: White Matte, Size: XXL217213100XXL632059261707
Color: Black Matte, Size: XXL217213001XXL632059261363
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