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Red Theory Helmet

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Red Theory Helmet

The Red Theory Helmet boasts clean, unique styling and ultra high-tech venting. The Theory s sleek, low profile visor looks dope and a removable goggle gasket prevents the dreaded gaper gap. This helmet feature s Red s integrated rider controlled venting system to keep you from overheating when hiking for backcountry lines or springtime pipe laps. Remove the ear pads when it gets really hot out or replace them with Red s Audio Ear Pad Accessories and rock your favorite playlist. A removable goggle clip lets you customize your look and a ratcheting Zip Clip chin buckle keeps this bucket on your dome when you stuff landings.

Recommended UseRiding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
MaterialUltra Lightweight In-Molded Polycarbonate
VentilationHidden integrated rider controlled venting
AdjustabilityMC2 Mechanical Fit and Comfort System
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: 212080100XS, Color: White, Size: XS212080100XS632059248944
Style: 212080100XL, Color: White, Size: XL212080100XL632059248937
Style: 212080100S, Color: White, Size: S212080100S632059248920
Style: 212080100M, Color: White, Size: M212080100M632059248913
Style: 212080100L, Color: White, Size: L212080100L632059248906
Style: 212080421XS, Color: Metallic Blue, Size: XS212080421XS632059249149
Style: 212080421XL, Color: Metallic Blue, Size: XL212080421XL632059249132
Style: 212080421S, Color: Metallic Blue, Size: S212080421S632059249125
Style: 212080421M, Color: Metallic Blue, Size: M212080421M632059249118
Style: 212080421L, Color: Metallic Blue, Size: L212080421L632059249101
Style: 212080001XS, Color: Black, Size: XS212080001XS632059248708
Style: 212080001XL, Color: Black, Size: XL212080001XL632059248715
Style: 212080001S, Color: Black, Size: S212080001S632059248722
Style: 212080004XS, Color: Black Pinstripe, Size: XS212080004XS632059250435
Style: 212080004XL, Color: Black Pinstripe, Size: XL212080004XL632059250428
Style: 212080004S, Color: Black Pinstripe, Size: S212080004S632059250411
Style: 212080004M, Color: Black Pinstripe, Size: M212080004M632059250404
Style: 212080004L, Color: Black Pinstripe, Size: L212080004L632059250398
Style: 212080001M, Color: Black, Size: M212080001M632059248739
Style: 212080001L, Color: Black, Size: L212080001L632059248746
Style: 212080003XS, Color: Black Camo, Size: XS212080003XS632059248791
Style: 212080003XL, Color: Black Camo, Size: XL212080003XL632059248784
Style: 212080003S, Color: Black Camo, Size: S212080003S632059248777
Style: 212080003M, Color: Black Camo, Size: M212080003M632059248760
Style: 212080003L, Color: Black Camo, Size: L212080003L632059248753
Style: 212080200L, Color: Brown, Size: L212080200L632059249040
Style: 212080200M, Color: Brown, Size: M212080200M632059249033
Style: 212080200S, Color: Brown, Size: S212080200S632059249026
Style: 212080200XL, Color: Brown, Size: XL212080200XL632059249019
Style: 212080200XS, Color: Brown, Size: XS212080200XS632059249002