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Red Skycap II Helmet

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Red Skycap II Helmet

The RED Skycap II Helmet's adjustable vents let you regulate temperature to keep from sweating or freezing while you rip. During the storm cycle, slide the Skycap II Helmet's vents closed and slash as many pow turns as possible. RED gave Skycap II a removable goggle gasket to keep you warm and eliminate gaper gap. When the sun comes out and the powder gets tracked, open the vents, remove this RED helmet's ear pads, and spend a few hours hiking the pipe. Should an inverted air turn into an inverted landing, the RED Skycap II's In-Molded polycarbonate and closed cell liner soaks up the impact, so your brain doesn't have to.

Recommended UseSnowboarding, skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Shell] In-Molded Polycarbonate; [Liner] closed-cell foam
Ventilation4 Adjustable, 6 screened
AdjustabilityAdjustable chin strap
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: 206623100XL, Color: White, Size: XL206623100XL632059244953
Style: 206623100S, Color: White, Size: S206623100S632059244946
Style: 206623100M, Color: White, Size: M206623100M632059244939
Style: 206623100L, Color: White, Size: L206623100L632059244922
Style: 206623305XL, Color: Green, Size: XL206623305XL632059245158
Style: 206623305S, Color: Green, Size: S206623305S632059245141
Style: 206623305M, Color: Green, Size: M206623305M632059245134
Style: 206623305L, Color: Green, Size: L206623305L632059245127
Style: 206623001XL, Color: Black, Size: XL206623001XL632059229127
Style: 206623001S, Color: Black, Size: S206623001S632059229110
Style: 206623006XL, Color: Black Pattern, Size: XL206623006XL632059244700
Style: 206623006S, Color: Black Pattern, Size: S206623006S632059244694
Style: 206623006M, Color: Black Pattern, Size: M206623006M632059244687
Style: 206623006L, Color: Black Pattern, Size: L206623006L632059244670
Style: 206623001M, Color: Black, Size: M206623001M632059229103
Style: 206623001L, Color: Black, Size: L206623001L632059229097