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Red Hi-Fi Helmet

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Red Hi-Fi Helmet

The skate-style RED Hi-Fi Helmet's ultra low-profile shape won't be noticed while you ride, but you'll be stoked on it when you body slam the hardpack after missing a tranny. A classic shape and ultra light construction keep you from feeling like you have a bowling ball on your head. The Zip Clip ratcheting buckle provides a custom fit, and it's easy to use with gloves on. Take off the RED Hi-Fi Helmet's ear pads when hiking on hot days.

Recommended UseSnowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Shell] Polycarbonate In-mold; [Liner] closed-cell foam
Ventilation5 Passive vents
AdjustabilityAdjustable strap with Zip Clip buckle
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: 206622001XXL, Color: Hi-FI Black, Size: XXL206622001XXL632059245226
Style: 206622001XS, Color: Hi-FI Black, Size: XS206622001XS
Style: 206622001XL, Color: Hi-FI Black, Size: XL206622001XL632059229172
Style: 206622001S, Color: Hi-FI Black, Size: S206622001S632059229165
Style: 206622001M, Color: Hi-FI Black, Size: M206622001M
Style: 206622001L, Color: Hi-FI Black, Size: L206622001L
Style: 206614110XXL, Color: White, Size: XXL206614110XXL
Style: 206614110XS, Color: White, Size: XS206614110XS
Style: 206614102XXL, Color: White Tie Dye, Size: XXL206614102XXL632059245769
Style: 206614102XS, Color: White Tie Dye, Size: XS206614102XS632059245752
Style: 206614102XL, Color: White Tie Dye, Size: XL206614102XL632059245745
Style: 206614102S, Color: White Tie Dye, Size: S206614102S632059245738
Style: 206614102M, Color: White Tie Dye, Size: M206614102M632059245721
Style: 206614102L, Color: White Tie Dye, Size: L206614102L632059245714
Style: 206614961M, Color: Jonboy Camo, Size: M206614961M632059246087
Style: 206614961L, Color: Jonboy Camo, Size: L206614961L632059246070
Style: 206614962XXL, Color: CMYK, Size: XXL206614962XXL632059246186
Style: 206614962S, Color: CMYK, Size: S206614962S632059246155
Style: 206614962M, Color: CMYK, Size: M206614962M632059246148
Style: 206614962L, Color: CMYK, Size: L206614962L632059246131
Style: 206614110XL, Color: White, Size: XL206614110XL632059245868
Style: 206614110S, Color: White, Size: S206614110S632059245851
Style: 206614110M, Color: White, Size: M206614110M
Style: 206614110L, Color: White, Size: L206614110L632059245837
Style: 206614961XXL, Color: Jonboy Camo, Size: XXL206614961XXL632059246124
Style: 206614961XS, Color: Jonboy Camo, Size: XS206614961XS632059246117
Style: 206614961XL, Color: Jonboy Camo, Size: XL206614961XL632059246100
Style: 206614961S, Color: Jonboy Camo, Size: S206614961S632059246094
Style: 206614962XS, Color: CMYK, Size: XS206614962XS632059246179
Style: 206614962XL, Color: CMYK, Size: XL206614962XL632059246162
Style: 206614001XXL, Color: Black, Size: XXL206614001XXL632059230086
Style: 206614001XS, Color: Black, Size: XS206614001XS632059230093
Style: 206614001XL, Color: Black, Size: XL206614001XL632059230109
Style: 206614001S, Color: Black, Size: S206614001S632059230116
Style: 206614001M, Color: Black, Size: M206614001M632059230123
Style: 206614001L, Color: Black, Size: L206614001L632059230130
Style: 206614200L, Color: Brown, Size: L206614200L632059245950
Style: 206614200M, Color: Brown, Size: M206614200M632059245967
Style: 206614200S, Color: Brown, Size: S206614200S632059245974
Style: 206614200XL, Color: Brown, Size: XL206614200XL632059245981
Style: 206614200XS, Color: Brown, Size: XS206614200XS632059245998
Style: 206614200XXL, Color: Brown, Size: XXL206614200XXL632059246001