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Red Frequency Helmet

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Red Frequency Helmet

When you ride everyday, you need a helmet that can keep up. The RED Frequency Helmet gives you protection and a low-profile design. The incredible MC2 mechanical comfort system lets you adjust the liner's circumference to fit around your dome, and the Zip Clip ratcheting chin buckle cinches in a flash. The Frequency Helmet's SoftFIT liner conforms to your head for a one-of-a-kind fit, while the removable Goggle Gasket helps you eliminate the dreaded gaper gap. If you get too warm or cold, open or close the top vents with a touch of the Frequency Helmet's smooth-action lever.

Recommended UseSnowboarding, skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Shell] Polycarbonate In-mold; [Liner] closed-cell foam
VentilationClimacontrol ventilation system
AdjustabilityRatchet back, slidelock chin
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: 206613100XS, Color: White, Size: XS206613100XS632059230307
Style: 206613100XL, Color: White, Size: XL206613100XL632059230314
Style: 206613100S, Color: White, Size: S206613100S632059230321
Style: 206613100M, Color: White, Size: M206613100M632059230338
Style: 206613100L, Color: White, Size: L206613100L632059230345
Style: 206613030XS, Color: Gray, Size: XS206613030XS632059246452
Style: 206613030XL, Color: Gray, Size: XL206613030XL632059246445
Style: 206613030M, Color: Gray, Size: M206613030M632059246421
Style: 206613030L, Color: Gray, Size: L206613030L632059246414
Style: 206613401XS, Color: Deep Blue, Size: XS206613401XS632059246551
Style: 206613401XL, Color: Deep Blue, Size: XL206613401XL632059246544
Style: 206613401S, Color: Deep Blue, Size: S206613401S632059246537
Style: 206613401M, Color: Deep Blue, Size: M206613401M632059246520
Style: 206613401L, Color: Deep Blue, Size: L206613401L632059246513
Style: 206613001XS, Color: Black, Size: XS206613001XS632059230246
Style: 206613001XL, Color: Black, Size: XL206613001XL632059230239
Style: 206613001S, Color: Black, Size: S206613001S632059230222
Style: 206613001M, Color: Black, Size: M206613001M632059230215
Style: 206613001L, Color: Black, Size: L206613001L632059230208
Style: 206613003XS, Color: Black Camo, Size: XS206613003XS632059246353
Style: 206613003XL, Color: Black Camo, Size: XL206613003XL632059246346
Style: 206613003S, Color: Black Camo, Size: S206613003S632059246339
Style: 206613003M, Color: Black Camo, Size: M206613003M632059246322
Style: 206613003L, Color: Black Camo, Size: L206613003L632059246315
Style: 206613030S, Color: Gray, Size: S206613030S632059246438
Style: R80163408L, Color: Pearl Blue, Size: LR80163408L632059217834
Style: R80163408M, Color: Pearl Blue, Size: MR80163408M632059217827
Style: R80163408S, Color: Pearl Blue, Size: SR80163408S632059217810
Style: R80163408XL, Color: Pearl Blue, Size: XLR80163408XL
Style: R80163408XS, Color: Pearl Blue, Size: XSR80163408XS
Style: R80163502L, Color: Purple, Size: LR80163502L632059217889
Style: R80163502M, Color: Purple, Size: MR80163502M
Style: R80163502S, Color: Purple, Size: SR80163502S
Style: R80163502XL, Color: Purple, Size: XLR80163502XL632059217896
Style: R80163502XS, Color: Purple, Size: XSR80163502XS
Color: Red, Size: L
Color: Red, Size: M
Color: Red, Size: S
Color: Red, Size: XL
Style: R80163600XS, Color: Red, Size: XSR80163600XS632059217759