Recon Instruments Live Micro Optics Display Reviews


Hardware is good, the software sucks


Pros: Knowing the time and your location w/o whipping your phone out

Cons: software crashes like Super Dave, difficult to connect to phone via bluetooth

Lets start with the BAD, since I really don't think these are ready for the mass market. They replaced their old APP Recon HQ with Engage, and it is junk on android phones, I haven't tried my IPOD5 but I don't expect anything different.   It constantly resets and forces you to go through the tutorial which kills 20mins of battery. After that you have to get it to pair with your phone, then you have to connect it to your phone, then it still doesn't work, it can't find you music library even though it's playing through the Engage app. So it pops up this error "error building db" on the Google play app store under "whats new" they say "fix: error building db" so I uninstalled and...
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