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Priiskovy Snowcatskiing

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Programs: We offer rides from the mountains on the slopes unprepared (freeride, offpist, Frisky) in the outskirts of the mining. Climb up to the mountain by means of 10 and / or 16 local snouketa.Snouket is ratrak the passenger cabin. 


Venue programs: Gold field (formerly the village, and now the village gold field, but we have a gold field gold field, and no village!) Is in 440 km from Krasnoyarsk (Sibiria, Russia). "Gold field" (Priiskovy) - the small town (~ 600 people), located in the Kuznetsk Alatau mountains on the border of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia, and the Kemerovo region.

Time Programs: From the second half of October and ending mid-June

The program included: Driving, Food, Residence, Guides, Rent avalanche probes and shovels

The program does not include: Alcohol, Transfer, The shells to slip, clothing and accessories for freeride


http://www.priiskovy.ru/ - !

Priiskovy Snowcatskiing

Waiting for winter as anyone and never expected? Skate every weekend, all holidays and even a little? It is easy to ride to the mountain for snow hundreds of miles? Hate queues, crowds and plowed the slopes? Not amassed a million for heli-skiing and Backcountry initially was not for you? Welcome to the Priiskovy* and snowcatskiing**! Our winter is 10 months of the year from October to July! We ride our times: weekdays, weekends, holidays and even at night! Visit us men like the neighboring towns, and for 5000 kilometers! There were no queues and all people - barrow limited capacity snowcat! Always fresh snow and a variety of slopes without a trace! *Priiskovy - a tiny village, lost in the mountains of the Kuznetsk Alatau on the boundary of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia and Kemerovo region, with a unique climate - truly a heavenly place with Powder and untouched slopes. **Snowcatskiing - a service for fans Freeride, where the passenger cabin snowcat commits displacement riders to various mountains and collecting them from their sockets.

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