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A Review On: Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain

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Pros: No lines, no crowds, plenty of Pow, economical

Cons: horrible lodges, not a lot of groom,

I decided to write a review since the last one on this site was done back in 2010. A lot has changed, but not a lot has changed:)


A few years ago a group of young billionaires got together and bought Powder Mountain "Pow Mow" with the intent to largely keep it the same, while creating a village think tank atmosphere.  Because of its immense size it had tons of terrain for them to build a small village up on the mountain for them and their friends.  So far, they have done little to build the village, but have installed a "village lift" and another lift that really allows for access to the village, BUT, in doing that opens up a ton of terrain .


Let's start with the lift ticket sales.  It's limited on a per day basis.  SO, while there was never more than a 5 minute line (which only occurred once or twice a season and usually only on a crowded day, by Pow Mow standards and then only when the lift was stopped for a minute or two), the new lifts will further spread out skiers.


It's tough to get to.  The lodges are at the top of the mountain, so you have to drive up a steep and narrow winding road to get to them,. 


Once there you see old decrepit lodges.  I personally don't mind.  It's old time skiing.  If I want glitz I can head to Deer Valley.


If you are strictly a groomer skier you will probably get bored, but if you are a pow skier you have thousands of acres of Pow, especially if you head through the meadows and trees.  One very important aspect is that if you are a Pow/tree skier and your companions are groomers, Pow Mow is the only place that I can think of where you can ride a lift together, head down the mountain, always be in sight of each other and get tot eh bottom of the lift at the same time.  Consequently, Pow Mow is the perfect place for groomers who want to venture into the pow as they are always yards away from getting back to the groomer when they need to bail.


I understand why those who consider themselves to be Big Mountain skiers waiting to be discovered by Warren Miller will find it boring.  But, if you just like running untracked lines through Pow, this is the place to be.

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Sounds nice!  Thanks for the review.