Powder Ghost Towns: Epic Backcountry Runs in Colorado's Lost Ski Resorts Reviews


A great mix of history and beta.


Pros: Explict instructions on how to access these areas without intruding on provate property, great background of the history of the locations.

Cons: 36 ski areas are presented. There are many others out there that would be useful!

I'm a big fan of skiing history, and the book is a great read in understanding what resort skiing was like in past generations.   Skiing old resorts is a good way to get acquainted with backcountry travel, as in most (BUT NOT ALL) cases, old ski areas have slopes mellow enough to eliminate most of the avalanche risk, yet cleared of tight trees.   The book is very helpful with access, explaining exactly what is and is not on private property, and how to access it without intruding.  Most of the areas chosen are chosen for the quality BC experience, which means some more well-known areas are skipped over for some smaller hills that have better snow/terrain/access/fun. ...
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