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Pow Tales - Powder leashes on steriods.


Pros: Overall a great design. Always ready, easy to attach/detach (even with gloves), and the very bright cord makes it easy to find in deep snow,

Cons: Had to drill small hole in my binding heel to attach bungee cord. This in no way affected the operation of the binding, just another step to install.

I have been using Pow Tales for 2 seasons now and am super happy.  It is a great design overall - always ready to attach on powder days, and hidden away when not needed.


After moving to Utah, it only took 2 times searching for a lost ski on epic powder days before deciding to invest in some type of powder chords.  Both times I wasted almost an hour looking for my ski instead of enjoying the deep pow.  One time, I lost a ski at Snowbasin (JP Face) during a big storm and spent over an hour digging.  I finally found it under a foot of snow about 20 yards from where I lost it.  Not only was I frustrated that I spent an hour missing out on some great pow, but I wore myself out trudging in deep snow trying to find it.


So after some research, I invested in some Pow Tales and have been very satisfied.  And they have already saved me countless hours of digging - just find the bright orange chord and there's my ski. They are very easy to attach/detach, even with my gloves on.  This makes removing skis to ride the gondola or tram very easy.  But the best part is the time I have saved digging, searching, and getting frustrated after a tumble.  Very easy to find the bright orange chord in the snow.


Added bonus:  I just bought new boots and want to use my Pow Tales with them.  I contacted Bob to see what my option were, and within 5 minutes I had a response.  He is sending me a set of glue backed Velcro fasteners for my new boots.  Voila - all set for another season of pow.


Another very satisfied Pow Tales customer.

Pow Tales - Powder leashes on steriods.

Pow-Tales - aka- Smarter and safer skiing. What would it do for your ski day or vacation to lose a ski? Picture a beautiful bluebird day skiing deep powder just a wee bit out of bounds or maybe in the back country with soft powder billowing in your wake. Now we know in your dreams, there is never a fall, but in real life, the moment will come. Does panic follow when your ski is out of sight? The simple fact is, once a ski is ejected in powder, it can travel a long way under the snow leaving no trace. With Pow-Tales, you will immediately find your ski and the memory will be of a soft landing in deep pow. Without Pow-Tales, you may be in for a long search and possibly having to post-hole your way out. Even 18” of powder is a pretty grueling and even life-threatening task. It will certainly ruin your day. Skis are frequently lost inbounds and out of bounds skiing. Epicski has many stories of members losing skis and hoping to find them, or get a replacement for the lost one. Don't be that guy! There are many types of powder cords on the market, but Pow Tales are the newest and most innovative of these products. Pow Tales live on your ski boots, always ready to be clipped into, so there is no way you can forget to bring them. If and when you lose a ski, the last thing that leaves your ski boot is a break-away Velcro strap attached to 6’ of bright orange ribbon, and your ski, of course. In addition, they are very easy to engage and disengage so there is no punishment factor if you’re cat or heli skiing or even just riding a tram or gondola. And the best thing about this simple no-brainer solution is their price. When you figure out what it costs per hour to dig through deep powder looking for a lost ski they are dirt cheap. Check ‘em out at http://powtales.com.

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Pow Tales Set-Up

Your Pow Tales kit comes with;
2- prepackaged and preconfigured Pow Tales  for left and right boots.
2 -24" bungee cords for custom fitting the connection between your heel bindings and the Pow Tales carabiners, ( See Figure 1A) and a short version instruction sheet. Note - Additional bungee cords are available on the Buy Now page if you wish to set up more than one pair of skis.

figure 1A

Installing Pow Tales

For best results your ski boots should be dry, clean and room temperature warm. Before you remove the backing from the glue-backed Velcro, position one of your Pow Tales on the inside portion of your right boot with the wide side (opening side) of the carabiner facing toward the rear. Mark the location with a felt tip (non-permanent type) pen. Take care to position the  Pow Tale just under the power strap angling back toward the heel of the boot, and clear of any adjustment features. This position should not interfere with the forward flexing of the boot in any way. (See Figure 3) Then simply peel off the backing from the glue-backed Velcro and firmly press it onto your boot in that location. Voila! One boot is finished. Align and mark the inside of your left boot in the same way, and attach.
figure 3
 Now that both boots have the Pow Tales installed you can accurately measure how long you need to make the bungee cord attachment. Clip the boot into your binding system to do this step. Ideally, you should not need to remove the carabiner from the Velcro when you clip it into your heel binding system. Make sure that the bungee cord in no way obstructs the ability of the binding to open and close normally when you do this step. Also, keep in mind that when you aren't skiing powder, the bungee cord will not be attached to the carabiner.  You will want it to be long enough to easily attach to the carabiner but it shouldn't be so long that you could run over it with your skis! This won't be a problem if you use the method pictured above or below. Cut the bungee cord ends with a hot knife or burn briefly with a lighter after you tie off and cut the bungee cord to the correct length. This will prevent the ends from fraying.

Installation for ski bindings that do not already have holes in them.

Most binding systems have holes in the heel piece, with which to attach the bungee cord. If yours is an exception, you can drill a 1/4" hole in the indent you press on to remove your boot from the binding system. (See figure 4) Then thread both ends of the bungee cord through that single hole. The knot you tie will be sufficiently large to keep it from pulling back through.
Figure 4
When you're not skiing powder, the bungee cord can be pulled back through itself to keep it out of the way. See Figure 5.
Figure 5



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