Pow Tales - Powder Cords on Steroids Reviews


Pow Tales = Awesome


Pros: Overall a great design. Always ready, easy to attach/detach (even with gloves), and the very bright cord makes it easy to find in deep snow,

Cons: Had to drill small hole in my binding heel to attach bungee cord. This in no way affected the operation of the binding, just another step to install.

I have been using Pow Tales for 2 seasons now and am super happy.  It is a great design overall - always ready to attach on powder days, and hidden away when not needed.   After moving to Utah, it only took 2 times searching for a lost ski on epic powder days before deciding to invest in some type of powder chords.  Both times I wasted almost an hour looking for my ski instead of enjoying the deep pow.  One time, I lost a ski at Snowbasin (JP Face) during a big storm and spent over an hour digging.  I finally found it under a foot of snow about 20 yards from where I lost it.  Not only was I frustrated that I spent an hour missing out on some great pow, but...
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