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Porcupine Mountains Reviews


A true gem


Pros: 100% natural snow, big hill by midwestern standards, spectacular view, good terrain for all abilities, laid back vibe

Cons: no snowmaking (not always a negative) old lifts, limited amenities

The Porkies is where I first fell in love with skiing.  At the time it was run as a state park, so it had a "park" vibe rather than a "resort" vibe - no advertising, no piped-in music, management decision were made for "quality of experience" reasons instead of marketing/profit motive. Unfortunately, that system wasn't economically viable, so it's now being run by the folks who run Mt Bohemia.  I haven't been since the switch, so what follows is what the porkies used to be.  Hopefully, they haven't changed it too much. Certainly the snow and the hill are the same, and that's the strength of the Porkies. The Porkies ski resort is directly in the lee of the Lake Superior lake-effect snow...
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