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Pomerelle Mountain Resort Reviews


Pomerelle is family fun


Pros: Abundant snow, few rocks, lots of intermediate terrain

Cons: Lack of expert runs, no nightlife, access road is long

I've been going to Pomerelle for about 25 years.  It's about a hour from Twin Falls, and you have to drive up through Albion and about 10 miles of windy mountain road to get to the base area.  The road got paved a few years ago, and that improved access.  The mountain is hit hard with snow, and the gentle grassy slopes don't need much to get good cover.  I think I've hit a couple of rocks under the triple, but it's rare to get a core shot on this hill. The hill is pretty flat on the edges.  Think of it as a horseshoe, with the steeps in the middle under the triple chair.  There is a wide open bowl in the middle that has one steep drop-off.  It used to be scary on 205 GS skis, but on...
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