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POC Lobes Goggle


Pros: looks great, covers a lot of the face

Cons: Fogs up easily, lens fitting

Got a pair plus one xtra lens. The inner lining on the lens does not  match up with the frame to good. I have a black line in my sight. Waiting for my Airbrakes to arrive...hope they are better.


Pros: Wide angle, great view, comfortable, fits helmet contours

Cons: somewhat big on the face

Nice goggles with amazing wide-angle field of vision. Works perfectly with helmet.


Only question is they are big so depends on taste.

POC Lobes Goggle

It should be no surprise that the POC Lobes Goggles use a cutting-edge spherical lens to eliminate optical distortion. After all, they look like something Doc Brown would wear in the De Lorean. Whether you use the Lobes Goggles for skiing, snowboard, or time travel, the dual polycarbonate and cellulose propionate lens eliminates fogging, even at speeds up to 88 miles per hour. POC designed these goggles to provide excellent peripheral vision, so you can spot the landing when you come around on your 720 and see what's going on outside as soon as you open the gull-wing doors.

Recommended UseSkiing, snowboarding, time travel
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Lens[Outer lens] polycarbonate; [Inner lens] cellulose propionate
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
VentilationTop vents
Face SizeLarge
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: W84012, Color: Black/Black, Size: One SizeW84012-OS7332522016744
Style: W84014, Color: White/Blue, Size: One SizeW84014-OS7332522016768
Style: W84016, Color: White/Champagne, Size: One SizeW84016-OS7332522016782
Style: W84013, Color: Black/Green, Size: One SizeW84013-OS7332522016751
Style: W84015, Color: White/Pink, Size: One SizeW84015-OS7332522016775
Style: W84017, Color: Brown/Brown, Size: One SizeW84017-OS7332522016799