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Pieps iPROBE Probe

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Pieps iPROBE Probe

The Pieps iPROBE Probe provides the missing link during searches for multiple avalanche victims. This probe uses a single AA battery-powered proximity detector to give you both audible and visual confirmations when you've located a transmitting beacon. The iPROBE will detect any brand of beacon, no matter what your friends are using. If the buried person has an iPROBE-supported beacon (such as the Pieps DSP or Freeride), you can actually temporarily turn off the transmitting beacon to go search for other beacons. The reduced interference could save valuable minutes. How does it work? When the tip of the iPROBE comes within two meters of a transmitting beacon, the iPROBE's LED lights up, and it emits a "peep, peep," sound. When the iPROBE is within 50 centimeters, the intermittent peeps become continuous ("peeeeeeep"). If the transmitting beacon has iPROBE support, you can hit a button on the probe to mark the location, turn off the beacon, and search for the next victim using your traditional transceiver and a second probe. Hitting the "mark" button again or removing the probe from the area causes the iPROBE-supporting beacon to turn on again.

Recommended UseAvalanche safety, avalanche search & rescue, multiple burials
Weight10oz (290g)
MaterialCarbon fiber
Storage SackNo
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Size: One Size495013-114-0069120029060128
Size: One Size495013-114-0069120029060128