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Perfect North Slopes Reviews


Not bad, especially for the location


Pros: Good variety for it's size, nice terrain park, good snow-making coverage

Cons: Not much vert, can get very busy on weekends

While Perfect North certainly isn't comparable to anything out West or East, it's still the best in the surrounding area.  At 400ft vertical it's nothing huge, but it's still big enough to have a few good runs.  They have some fun, tighter runs as well as a more open "black" that's great for speed.  They do a great job maintaining the terrain park as well.  Snowmaking of course is a must in the Midwest, and Perfect North usually keeps up a very nice base so they can survive through the mild stretches.  They also do an excellent job keeping up the grooming so everything doesn't turn to pure ice.  If you can, try to get there during the week.  Given it's proximity to Cincinnati (and...
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