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Pats Peak Reviews


Pats Peak


Pros: Value, proximity

Cons: Crowds

If you work and live in Boston, like I do, and you want to get some turns without having to drive 2+ hours then Pats Peak is your destination. You can make Pats Peak in a little over an hour on most days from Beantown and it has some steeps (albeit short in length) for you to fine tune your edge before you hit, say killington or head out west. I would forgo going to Wachusett or any other area in southern nh as you will most assuredly hit crowds. Pats Peak is a nice little gem of a mountain close to boston.

Pat's Peak


Pros: family friendly, great night skiing, great bump run, giant cookie!, glades for intermediates to practice tree skills, clean and well managed

Cons: no high speed lifts, small vertical

What a great place for families of any age; all trails lead back to the ski lodges and parking lots.  The area is very well managed; clean, friendly, helpful and a great value.  The food is very good also.  The night skiing (100% of terrain except for the woods) makes the place just beautiful.  The vertical is limited, but what is there makes for great skiing.  A couple steep areas, a great bump run, some small, but fun glades.  On the rare true freshie day, the trees and steeps are just a blast! 

Pat's Peak


Pros: Easily accessile, family friendly, good terrain for every part of skiing

Cons: No high speed lifts, small

Pat's peak is very easy to get to and it is a great place to learn to ski. It also has plenty of great terrain. There are steeps, bumps, great gladed trails, and great groomers and cruisers. They also have a great beginner terrain part, and one that is a little bit bigger. It also happens to be a great place to learn to ski, and overall I love to go there for quick day trips.