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Pros: Price (150$ for a pair of new skis). Very light. Easy to turn even in heavy wet snow.

Cons: No information about the ski. No reviews. Won't find one to demo. Binding mount point not marked. Soft base of graphics.

A basic background why I decided to buy this ski...

I am 182cm, 75kg, skiing anything groomed, wannabe freerider :)
I guess all of you remember two epic winters in a row a few years ago... There are no mountains here in Latvia. And we don't get very much snow either. But those two epic winters brought me to decision to buy a pair of powder skis. Even old people didn't remember that much snow.

What I was looking for - a pair of used skis about 180 long and 90 - 100 wide and under 200$. Since powder skiing is not very popular, wide skis doesn't appear very often. And when someone is selling a pair, it costs a fortune.

After two years I finally found these skis meeting my requirements and even brand new.
About the ski itself... It is light. It feels light even with 2 inches of wet snow on top of it. It is soft too. The skis have no marks for the middle of the boot so binding mount point is up to you... I have mounted Tyrolia Peak 12 bindings to back so the tail is as long as 165 RX8.

Almost flat.


It feels clumsy on groomers compared to RX8, but way better than 185cm long Rossi Bandit 108. It is nibble in trees and doesn't require speed to float. Skied some bushes and had great time.Skied not only that cleared path but both sides too.. It would be fun on bumps it they get 4-8 inches of powder.


The base seam quite durable - at least fallen branches didn't scratch it. The sides of top layer is very easy to damage because it is placed on very soft plastic. Actually you are pealing of the top layer with your other ski. As you can see, even bushes have made marks on tips of skis.


So the conclusion - It's a good choice for a two ski quiver in case you ski 70% groomers and 30% off-piste just because you don't have the right conditions. I'll give 4 stars because they perform well where I expected to ski them. -1 star on groomers... Certainly a bang for the money. And It's hard to find anyone else with these skis if that matters :)

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Manufacturer doesn't give very much information: Twintip Ski/All Terain and Park - Poplar woodcore fiberglass with ABS sidewall, 50% Powder 50 % Park, black speed base, Sidecut: 133-96-116. Available length 170 / 177 / 184 / 191 cm. Manufacturer web site: http://www.palesport.com/ And that's all I could find on the Internet.

Lengths170 / 177 / 184 / 191 cm
Turn Radius17,5
Core MaterialWood (bamboo)
Binding System
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended useOff-piste
Binding TypeFlat
Recommended LevelIntermediate
Model Year2012
Recommended Binding
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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