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Pajarito Mountain Reviews


No lift lines


Pros: no lift lines, big moguls, friendly staff, good mix of runs, great weather

Cons: slow lifts

I reccomend this for anyone who would like to ski here.  It isn't a mountain that you should ski for a few days but, one or two days is perfect.  You can ski more runs thatn ever imagined compared to the bigger mountains.  It's also a simple mountain the chairlift system isn't complicated and it is hard to get seperated from your group.  the snow can be rocky at places on the catwalks but otherwise it is fine.  Be carefull on the runs with large moguls the rocks can sneak up between mogls and surprise you.  Also if you are going to ski in a long stretch without snow be prepared to have your skis a little dinged up.  overall this is my favorite mountain in New Mexico and maybe in all of...
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