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Owl`s Head


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Owl's Head Appartment-Hotel 


1,2, and 3 bedroom condos, fully equipped with kitchenette and fireplace. The building also has a sauna and whirlpool. Slopeside accommodations.

Extra person charges may apply 

Call for pricing 

The Owl's Head Auberg 


Slopeside accommodations with all meals being served within the same building. 

Extra person charges may apply 

Call for pricing 




L'Actuel Bar & Grill 


Boulangerie Owl's Bread 


Lese Vic located at 377 Route De Mansonville # B, Mansonville, Quebec J0E 1X0, Canada; 450.292.4440 


  • Additional dining options available in Mansonville, Quebec. 


Celebrating their 45th anniversary. 


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2010 - 2011 Lesson Rates


Owl`s Head

Many people believe that the name Owl's Head was derived from the contour of the mountains peak said to resemble an owl's head. This conception is refuted by folklore passed down through successive generations from the original settlers families which confirm that this unusual name originated from an Indian tribe who inhabited the area. The "Abenaki" hunted and fished in the local region for their existence. After the death of their greatest chief whose name was OWL, they decided to commemorate his existence and allow his spirit to live forever by naming the local mountain Owl's Head. They believed the mountain's outline resembled the great chief's profile as he lay in a state of repose. 32 years ago the mountain was developed into a recreational area and its' original name was retained to preserve the identity and spirit of the original inhabitants. Similar to the ancient tribe the Owl's Head Development Corporation is providing a tradition of excellence in the recreational activities so that its' "spirit" may endure for eternity.

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Pros: No crowds, long runs (by Quebec standards), some good steeps, the view

Cons: Can be icy, too much grooming,

I grew up skiing at Owl's Head. My parents bought a condo there over 20 years ago and I've skied there ever since. Over the years I've grown to love and hate it.

Here's the love:
- No crowds. Only on the greatest, sunniest, warmest days of winter will you wait in line, and even at that you won't ever wait longer than 10 minutes, and that will only be at peak time in the morning. Usually there's no lineups and on weekdays the slopes are empty.
- Flying down the Kamikaze. It's fairly steep, sometimes icy, always groomed, and goes right under the main quad. It's very satisfying to ski it at a high speed and roll with the mountain. If you want you can cut off to one of the side runs like Korman's Dive, Grande Allee, or Newport Express.
- The new glade (Ponsoon). It's not very long, but it has about a dozen different lines through it, some real steep drops, and holds the snow. It's nice and open at some points and narrows up at others. It's great fun.
- The Colorado. The other expert run from the top, it does'nt get groomed as much as the Kamikaze and is just as steep. On a good snow day its loads of fun.
- The cruisers. Lilly's Leap, Centennial, and Upward Trail are all great intermediate runs with good snow quality and grooming.
- The view is amazing. Lake Memphramagog stretches out for 30 km all the way to Mont Orford in the north. Looking south you can see across the border to Jay Peak.
- It's cheap: less than $40 for a ticket is one of the best deals around.

The hate:
- The snow isn't always that good. When it is, it's amazing, but Jay Peak and Mont Sutton, both of which are within 30 minutes, always get more snow.
- Needs more runs. Maybe it's because I've been skiing there for so long, but I've always wished there were a few more runs. You can criss-cross the mountain on the way down to mix things up, but for the most part there aren't that many ways down the mountain.
- The cafeteria sucks. Mediocre burgers and fries and it's overpriced.


Pros: Amazing Views, No Lines, Cheap Tues/Wed

Cons: Variety

You can have a great day at Owls Head any day that the sun is shining.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are only $15.  There are some fun runs here.  Not very much off in the trees.  There are many amazing views here that really makes the mountain.  If you get bored you can just leave because you only spent $39-15.  It's a great place for families, and usually never that busy.


Pros: Terrain variety

Cons: Not a ton of slopes

Owl's Head is a great family mountain. It offers very diverse terrain and beatyful panoramic views.There are not a ton of slopes, but if you look hard enough, you'll find that one run that will make your day! Also, the extra 30 minute drive off the highway is most definately worth it as you'll most likely have much shorter lineups at the chairs and more runs in than other other mountains in the area. A well kept secret in the eastern townships!