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Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transceiver Reviews


Ortovox S1 V2.0


Pros: The mutts nutts. Does everything and well

Cons: Price

Upgrade to my Tracker. I have owned Peps Analogues, F1, DTS and now S1. I have used most of the currently avaiolable transponders What can I say. Its the best. Good range, easiest transciever to use ever, good battery life, nice harness. No Spikes when searching. You turn it on by rotating a positive buttin the the side. It then flashes 2 LEDs to show its transmitting which are visible through windows on the harness. To go into search you flip open the lip like a flip phone. Thats it, it requires NO button pushes, volume changes etc. The screen displays the area like a map showing you up to 4 burials their distance and direction. It locks onto the nearest and you just rotate to put them...
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