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Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transceiver


Pros: The mutts nutts. Does everything and well

Cons: Price

Upgrade to my Tracker. I have owned Peps Analogues, F1, DTS and now S1. I have used most of the currently avaiolable transponders

What can I say. Its the best. Good range, easiest transciever to use ever, good battery life, nice harness. No Spikes when searching.

You turn it on by rotating a positive buttin the the side. It then flashes 2 LEDs to show its transmitting which are visible through windows on the harness. To go into search you flip open the lip like a flip phone. Thats it, it requires NO button pushes, volume changes etc. The screen displays the area like a map showing you up to 4 burials their distance and direction. It locks onto the nearest and you just rotate to put them on the centre line and walk straight to them (distance is also given), while you are doing that you could be telling others that victim #2 is 15m over there and #3 is 24m in that direction, its that clear a display

At 2m distance it swaps to a circle display and makes it very clear an easy to centre on the location. In my testing even at 3m burial the indiocated spot has been directly over the source regardles of transmitter orientation. The are no Nulls or spikes 

MIne os the V2 version (orange and blue), the picture here is of the older Mk1 which you want to avoid (dificult to open and doesnt always send you right way)

The S1 is much simpler to use than the Pulse, DTS or tracker and appears to have the same range, its also by far the most intuitive transponder out there

It does have other features (inclininometer, compass, theremometer) but I dont use them, they are however used internally by the unit to sense your movement, if you dont move for 90 (default and changeable) seconds its reverts to transmit, assuming you have been buried in a secondary slide, nice feature

Its also software upgradable, and When I tested it for susceptability from interferance from phones, radios and ipod it was pretty good, with none detectable if more than 6-8" from a source

If you hant you can get it at not much more than a pulse or DTS and its well worth the difference

Some folks claim its hard to use, this is just not true. As a test I gave it too my wife, who is a technophobe and who has never seen or used a transceiver before. She worked out how to open it and found a target in under 2 mins without ANY hints tips or instruction. Thats how hard it is to use
Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transceiver

The Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transceiver has a range of 70m to aid in your search for up to four victims in an avalanche burial. This beacon utilizes sensor-controlled technology, the first of its kind, to give your search an advantage. Using this technology, the S1 can simultaneously scan for multiple victims at one time while providing search directions and distances from the searcher. A graphic real-time screen helps pinpoint your victims without having to interpret confusing signals, and the unit also contains an electronic compass, temperature function, and inclinometer.

Recommended UseBackcountry safety
Manufacturer Warranty5 Years
Range[Digital] 230ft (70m)
Battery Type3 AAA, 1.5 V Alkaline batteries
Battery Life[On] 250 hrs; [Search] 10hrs
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Size: One Size011354250091730461