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Opedix Women's S-1 Knee Support Tight


Pros: Knee support and fit

Cons: Extra material in the boot was uncomfortable


Size Tested: Medium

Cut/Style : Athletic

Type: Knee Support Base Layer Bottom



Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Spring skiing and fall skiing

Length of time Tested: Multiple days

Demo or Own: Own


Tester Info:

Username: Trekchick

Age: 46

Height/Weight: 5'6" 135 lbs

Ski Days/Season: 80+

Years Skiing:30+

Preferred Attire: Shell/Layering, Light base layers

Current Quiver: Smart Wool 3/4 length, Arcteryx 3/4 length base layers



A little about me and why I wanted to try Opedix Knee Support Tights:

I am double jointed, and was looking for a little extra support to help with knee fatigue.  

After being selected as a reviewer in this contest, I spent some time talking on the phone with the people at Opedix and figuring out the fit for my body style, they sent me a Large Women's S-1. 

Upon receiving them, I wondered if it was going to be enough support as there was some bunching behind the knee, so I sent pictures to Rebecca at Opedix, who immediately sent me a Medium.  The team of people helping figure out fit is really great and informative.  (attaching pictures of both sizes below, which are not very flattering so please don't heckle too much) biggrin.gif

The medium, almost seemed snug, but not to a point of discomfort, so I sucked in my gut and hit the slopes. 


While skiing, the fit and feel of the S1 Tights was soon forgotten as they moved with me seamlessly through the day(s), and yet I could tell the difference in how well my knees stayed put, helping me stay stacked in a healthy skiing stance.  At the end of the day I was pleased to note that the usual fatigue that I feel in my knee and hip were non existent. 

To give a comparison, I wore my old base layers off and on while testing the Opedix S1 and often found that the knee fatigue was back when not wearing Opedix. 


If I were to pick one downfall of these its that I don't like the full length of the base layers going into my ski boot, but thats my fault for not discussing this with them before sending them to me, especially since Opedix does offer a 3/4 length which is on my shopping list.  Can't wait to try them. 


See links for other products by Opedix, which include 3/4 length and Fleece lined for those colder days.
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Opedix Mens S 1 Fleece 3 4 Knee Support Tight


Large:  This pic shows best where the extra material was bunching.  Hard to show in black








Because of the "con" listed above, I was not wearing these Opedix a lot but have suffered an MCL sprain recently and decided to get back into these. 

The amount of support from these S-1 Opedix is exactly what I needed to get back on the slopes this winter.  They provide significant support to the knee without binding or bunching.  

I'm ready to get another pari in the 3/4 length.  


Highly recommend!!




Opedix Women's S-1 Knee Support Tight

The S1 model is the most popular style of our ski/snowboard tights. They provide warmth, comfort and our patented Load Distribution Technology.

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