Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Reviews


Smartwatch with lots of skiing potential


Pros: GPS; runs Android apps; Battery life; fast; infinitely expandable

Cons: Pre-production, so there are still software issues; not for the technical newbies

The Omate TrueSmart was the KickStarter smartwatch darling of 2013, raising over one million dollars, or ten times its funding goal. After multi-month delays due to production issues, I've finally gotten my unit! It's essentially a smartphone scaled down to watch size. Here's how it stands up:    Design The TrueSmart boasts a functional design that's great for outdoors situations. This watch will not win any beauty contests. However, it's water resistant, tested to withstand 30 minutes at 1M underwater. It also works in cold. So folks who do kayaking, brief dips in the pool, and any winter sports will be well served with this watch.    Hardware The TrueSmart runs...
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