If you like groomers, this is the place for you (except weekends)

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Okemo Mountain

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Downhill Terrain
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Pros: high speed lifts, open groomers

Cons: not challenging, lack of carried terrain, crowded on weekends

This is a great mid week mountain. Plenty of corduroy and no lift lines. They offer mid week deals depending on what state you live in which saves over 30 dollars. Nothing here that is called a double black really is. There is nothing with real pitch. The glades are ok but there are very few and they're hardly open. They do an excellent job grooming. My favorite trails are Quantum Leap and Nor' Easter. They are easy blacks and get you a nice fast vertical run. This place on the weekend is hell. Just drive on by. There are lots of lessons all over the mountain which is good for families but not for the hard charging skier. The regular lift prices are too much for the value you get. I was there 03/23/17 and I got 23 runs in four hours. The ski patrol are jerks, constantly telling you to put the bar down. I was lectured three times in the span of four hours. Overall this mountain is a mountain for some quick groomers mid week and for people learning to ski.

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Put the bar down :P !
Kidding. If you're by yourself I would be surprised that they would care. It's another story if others on your chair want to put the bar down and you don't, or if there are kids riding up with you.