Love Okemo, hate Coleman Brook

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Pros: Great resort, great snowmaking

Cons: very rude personal at Coleman Brook

We had dinner at Coleman Brook tonight and were unpleasantly surprised to be "greeted" by very rude personal. We had a reservation for a party of 6 and upon our arrival, the hostess led us to a table we didn't like. We politely asked to be seated a different table. Looking around at a half empty restaurant, we've found a booth that suited us better. The hostess went to ask a more senior member of the personal if we could be seated at our preferred table. We were refused the table by a gentleman named Kyle, who with no greeting or introduction began by saying " It's not gonna happen! Mam, it's not gonna happen!" (while dismissively looking at the ceiling). We were taken aback by this, since at this restaurant you can't require a specific table when making a reservation, so the table couldn't have been already assigned to somebody else. Also, a party of four people were already seated at similar table (seating 8), so it wasn't our party size that impeded the seating. We were rudely told that we could go somewhere else. The problem was not that we were refused that table, but that Kyle did so very rudely, agressively and with no explanation whatsoever. 
We chose to stay since we had little kids with us and they were hungry, however, we will not be coming back again to be "greeted" by Kyle.

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Not really a review of Okemo. Better off going to Yelp for a restaurant review.