Okemo Mountain Reviews

Positive Reviews

Partizan Turks

Good mountain for cruisers


Pros: Grooming, long top to bottom runs

Cons: Lack of variety, missing steeps

Okemo is a beautiful resort in Southern Vermont. As with its close by neighbors Stratton and Mount Snow, Okemo is known with its grooming capabilities. Once the lifts stop Snowcats turn on their engines and run until next morning. People who are looking for long blue/black cruisers will love Okemo. Most of their runs have a rolling hill profile, so you usually do not get bored on these long cruisers. Though it has fairly large number of lifts, people love to ride their new bubble chair, hence expect long lines at this lift. However, since it's a 6 people chair, singles line move fairly fast. The two side peaks Jackson Gore and South Peak also offer nice runs. When the main mountain is...
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Best Service, Best Snow


Pros: friendly staff, great grooming

Cons: a little crowed on Saturdays

I live less than an hour from Okemo, which puts me also less than an hour from Mt Snow and Stratton. So if its crowdeed at Okemo its worse at the other areas. My tip - stay off the high speed quad at the main base area a peak times. Southside lines are less, and most people dont go over to Solitude. I guess if they park at the base lodge or Jackson Gore they just tend to stay there,   Great place for families, but if you seperate make your plans to meet up again- easy to get lost.   Lots of intermediate terrain at the base area, the black diamonds , Chief, World Cup and Defieance are nice wide cruisers. Good tree skis on Forrest Bump, Black Hole and Supernova.

Negative Reviews


A good entry mountain (during the week)


Pros: Good lift set up, variety of terrain up to lower advanced, good snowmaking and grooming

Cons: Lack of challenging terrain, relatively expensive

I have only gone to Okemo during the week, so I can't comment on its supposed weekend crowds, but I found the lift system effective and only waited in short lines.  Okemo was the first Vermont resort I skiied, and I came away impressed.  It was much more ample than anything I'd been on in PA or SW NY and as I was an advanced intermediate at the time, it provided me with a good amount of terrain that was very skiable, but pushed my ability somewhat.  I've improved since then and have less a desire to return, but would not be against it.  The terrain was varied enough that it would still be fun and if I brought my girlfriend who is just learning, it might be perfect...
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Love Okemo, hate Coleman Brook


Pros: Great resort, great snowmaking

Cons: very rude personal at Coleman Brook

We had dinner at Coleman Brook tonight and were unpleasantly surprised to be "greeted" by very rude personal. We had a reservation for a party of 6 and upon our arrival, the hostess led us to a table we didn't like. We politely asked to be seated a different table. Looking around at a half empty restaurant, we've found a booth that suited us better. The hostess went to ask a more senior member of the personal if we could be seated at our preferred table. We were refused the table by a gentleman named Kyle, who with no greeting or introduction began by saying " It's not gonna happen! Mam, it's not gonna happen!" (while dismissively looking at the ceiling). We were taken aback by this,...
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BEWARE, Lock your gear, they don't CARE


Pros: I don't ever have to go back

Cons: Theft is a huge problem at this mountain. Brand new board stolen and the bored staff hands you a form to fill out with shrugged shoulders.

We have tried numerous times with numerous individuals to get some level of courtesy shown to my fifteen year old for having his snowboard stolen.  The first thing out of each person's mouth is "the mountain is not responsible" and the second thing is "here is a form to fill out". They have security cameras but apparently they are not for securing their paying customers equipment.  We are not being allowed access to the footage even though we know exactly where item was taken from and within a two hour time frame.   Theft is a huge problem at this mountain that neither they nor the Ludlow police can keep up with. Better snow, faster lines and less crowds...
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More Reviews


If you like groomers, this is the place for you (except weekends)


Pros: high speed lifts, open groomers

Cons: not challenging, lack of carried terrain, crowded on weekends

This is a great mid week mountain. Plenty of corduroy and no lift lines. They offer mid week deals depending on what state you live in which saves over 30 dollars. Nothing here that is called a double black really is. There is nothing with real pitch. The glades are ok but there are very few and they're hardly open. They do an excellent job grooming. My favorite trails are Quantum Leap and Nor' Easter. They are easy blacks and get you a nice fast vertical run. This place on the weekend is hell. Just drive on by. There are lots of lessons all over the mountain which is good for families but not for the hard charging skier. The regular lift prices are too much for the value you get. I was...
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Happy enough that we are looking at booking the same condo at the same time next year


Pros: Groomers, long runs, nice for cruzing

Cons: kinda similar across the hill, I didnt see a lot of challenging terrain

I was real happy with the trip. Even though the weather was not fantastic prior to our arrival, on day one they groomed as well as you could expect and while not 5 star, it was not unskiable and the higher you were the better it was. Day 2 it snowed and left us 5 in of fresh to play in. Day 3 it rained a little and sleeted till about midnight. They brought the groomers out and worked it into a groomer lovers dream. Midweek with bad weather reports that were worse than the actual weather, lift lines were short if there were any at all.   For me at this point, (older returning skier) it was a very good place to be. I got to pull some form back out, knock the dust off and use it. If...
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Best Overall Resort in New England


Pros: Service - Snow Making - Grooming - Town - Ski School - 120+ Trails - Lift System - 4hrs from NYC

Cons: Few Expert Trails

I've been skiing in NE for over 40 years and recently decided to make Okemo our home mountain as my family and I took up skiing after a long pause.   Okemo may not have the highest peak (12th in NE at 3,3500 feet) or the steepest runs (23% advanced - 8% expert) or longest vertical drop (6th in NE at 2,200 feet) or get the most snow fall. It may not have the most trails (4th in NE with 121 trails) or the longest trail (3rd in NE at 4 miles) and it may not have the most lifts (2nd in NE with 20 lifts).    But, Okemo is one of the better managed mountains anywhere and it does have the most snow making of any mountain in NE with 650ac. With the second highest number of...
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Great Place


Pros: Grooming

Cons: Not enough steeps

I have to say i LOVE Okemo, what a well oiled place. The snow is usually great the people are friendly. Plus where else can you get a college season pass for $200 with no blackouts.. Check out Double Diamond after a day of fresh, you will want if every run.

Losing Lustre


Pros: Large Mountain Terrain

Cons: Getting Crowded - service

I have been a regular to Okemo for over a decade. They expanded nicely and have updated the lodges (+added new ones), expanded terrain, added snow making etc.  The growth  has been great but maybe catching up to them. Service is now less personal and attention to details are being lost.  My young son took a snowboarding lesson and was left on the mountain (crying!). Thankfully a stranger used a cell phone to contact me (kids carry cell# for emergency).  To make matters worse my youngest son had his snow boots...
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Grooming is their mantra


Pros: grooming

Cons: grooming

No matter how many times I go, I always forget about what I like/dislike about Okemo.  It doesn't really standout in my mind.  It's on par with a resort like Stratton.  It's a mostly mellow mountain, great for beginner and intermediates.

Pretty Good


Pros: Ski school, parks

Cons: Easy, icy, busy, cold

 Okemo is a decent place to ski, and is a good vacation spot for families.  The ski school is good, and the younger members of my traveling group have had a very good time with their instructors.  The parks (NorEaster) are good for a smaller mountain.  The terrain honestly sucks.  Every skier quickly outgrows Okemo either from lack of challenge or boredom.  There are a few nice glades over on South Face that are definitely worth your time, and Jackson Gore has a few interesting runs.  It was crowded as hell last time I was up, and the visibility was awful.  Also, the town is cute but not exciting at all.

Okemo Mountain Resort, VT


Pros: Family friendly, good amenities, phenomenal grooming

Cons: lack of challenging terrain, crowds

Okemo is strongly geared toward families and intermediate skiers. Their kids programs are amongst the best in the East. The emphasis at Okemo is on grooming, which caters well to the average skier. The mountain lacks any real challenging terrain on-trail, although you can catch some decent turns off trail if you know where to look. The terrain parks are generally good, with one of the only superpipes left in Vermont.    Crowds can be a real challenge, with more than 10,000 skiers routinely packing the place on weekends and holidays. Although the South Face and Solitude quads tend to be a little less crowded, with most of the skier traffic concentrated on the trails that are...
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