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Oakley Stockholm Goggle Reviews


A Wonder for Small Faces


Pros: Fit, Lens Quality, Style

Cons: Occasional Fogging

After years of searching for a goggle that truly fit my kiddie-sized head and face, I finally stumbled across the Oakley Stockholm last spring. This is the first goggle I've found that doesn't smash my cheekbones, squeeze my nose, or pinch the corners of my eyes, AND it fits perfectly with my youth size S/XS Giro helmet! It's offered in a range of stunning colors and patterns with multiple lens options, both standard and polarized. As is normal for Oakley, the lenses offer great optical quality, but the anti-fog coating tends to be very susceptible to scratching and removal with the slightest provocation. One nice feature is a sticky rubber coating on the inside of the strap that keeps...
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