Oakley Splice Goggle

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #23 in Ski Goggles


Pros: Everything

Cons: Hurts skin just a little bit.

I love these goggles, what made them even better is that i got them for over 50% off on boxing day.  They never fog up and when you get snow on them it just blows off with  bit of snow.  The only problem i found with these are that after a full day of skiing if i fell a lot then sometimes i got red marks around were the goggles outlined my eyes and it burned me. But besides that they are comfterable to the touch and perfect in every other way.

Oakley Splice Goggle

Feeling pressured' Could be your goggles. The Oakley Splice combines patented, distortion-free XYZ Optics with a pressure-eliminating frame design to help you breathe, see, and perform better than ever. Until now, most goggles have relied on the classic 'raccoon-eyes' frame shape that accommodates a range of face and nose shapes, but that can create unwanted pressure on the nose bridge, restricting breathing and causing discomfort. To eliminate this, Oakley's team of learning computers designed a frame that arches completely over the nose, using your cheekbones for support and filling the gap with super-soft triple-density face foam. The result, in short, is a super-comfortable goggle that maintains all the amazing range of vision and clarity you expect from Oakley. But don't believe the hype; try them and find out for yourself.

Recommended UseSkiing, snowboarding, winter sports
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
StrapElastic w/ O Matter connections
FrameO Matter
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
Face SizeMedium to Large
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Peyote Block Text/H.I. Yellow, Size: One Size57-150700285381978
Color: Peyote Block Text/H.I. Persimmon, Size: One Size57-151700285381985
Color: Peyote Block Text/Emerald Iridium, Size: One Size57-261700285383705
Color: Peyote Block Text/Black Iridium, Size: One Size57-149700285381961
Color: Navy Mint Block Text/H.I. Yellow, Size: One Size57-157700285382043
Color: Jet Black/G30 Iridium, Size: One Size57-239700285383392
Color: Jet Black/Persimmon, Size: One Size57-242700285383422
Color: Factory Slant Lava/VR50 Pink Iridium, Size: One Size57-142700285381879
Color: Factory Slant Lava/VR28 Black Iridium, Size: One Size57-141700285381862
Color: Canary/H.I. Yellow, Size: One Size57-154700285382012
Color: Black Grey Shattered/Black Iridium, Size: One Size57-033700285368108
Color: Black Silver Ghost Text/VR50 Pink Iridium, Size: One Size57-253700285383576
Color: Black Silver Ghost Text/Black Iridium, Size: One Size57-252700285383569
Color: Neon Fire/Dark Grey, Size: One Size57-147700285381930
Color: Black Silver Ghost Text/Emerald Iridium, Size: One Size57-284700285417066
Color: Neon Fire/VR28 Black Iridium, Size: One Size57-146700285381923
Color: Jet Black/VR28, Size: One Size57-241700285383415
Color: Black Grey Shattered/VR50 Pink Iridium, Size: One Size57-138700285381824
Color: Polished White/H.I. Yellow, Size: One Size57-249700285383521
Color: Polished White/H.I. Persimmon, Size: One Size57-250700285383538
Color: Polished White/Black Iridium, Size: One Size57-247700285383491
Color: Polished White/Dark Grey, Size: One Size57-283700285417257
Color: Peyote Block Text/Fire Iridium, Size: One Size57-039
Color: Orbit Mint/H.I. Yellow, Size: One Size57-036700285368146
Color: Orbit Mint/Emerald Iridium, Size: One Size57-260700285383682
Color: Canary/Blue Iridium, Size: One Size57-040700285368207
Color: Jet Black/Black Iridium, Size: One Size57-238700285383378
Color: Polished White/Fire Iridium, Size: One Size57-246700285383484
Color: Navy Mint Block Text/Black Iridium, Size: One Size57-041700285368221
Color: Neon Fire/Fire Iridium, Size: One Size57-038700285368160
Color: Jet Black/H.I. Yellow, Size: One Size57-240700285383408
Color: Jet Black/Fire Iridium, Size: One Size57-237700285383361
Color: Factory Slant Lava/H.I. Persimmon, Size: One Size57-034700285368122
Color: Canary/Fire Iridium, Size: One Size57-153700285382005
Color: Black Silver Ghost Text/H.I. Yellow, Size: One Size57-285700285417073
Color: Black Grey Shattered/H.I. Yellow, Size: One Size57-139700285381831