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Oakley Crowbar Goggle Reviews


Great goggles


Pros: Good fit, clarity unmatched

I finally decided to replace my ancient Oakley E-frames (circa 1992) this year, and wanted something that would work well with my recently acquired Giro ski helmet.  The Crowbars were on sale at my local show so I decided to give them a whirl.   After a season in these I can say without hesitation that these are awesome goggles.  I've always found the lens clarity of Oakley products to be excellent and these are no exception.  The design looks kind of goofy with the big wings on the side, but it fits together with my helmet like they were designed to work together specifically.  I skied a couple of extremely cold days this winter and there was almost no gap...
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Brand New - Great fit and finish, I expect performance to match


Pros: Excellent fit, great perpheral vision, sleek design

 Picked up a pair dirt cheap at the Toronto Ski Swap. No bag but in box. I have the Pink Iridium lens. They fit snug with my Giro G10 helmet. I really like the low profile of these as well. I ski in Ontario and Quebec alot. Will ski 10 to 15 days out West this year. I will get another pair of Crowbars or a pair of Wisdoms with a black iridium or vr28 lens for sunny days. Skiing at Whistler last week was very cold. No gaps in the fit with the helmet. Was sunny all five days but the pink iridium lens was fine.