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Oakley A Frame Goggle


Pros: stylish, comfortable, versatile, good optics

Cons: not made for stormy/deep powder conditions

I've had three pairs of these goggles over the past 8 years or so, and overall have been pretty pleased with them. The foam fits comfortably over my face, they integrate well with most helmets (so no gaper gap), and they have pretty good clarity of vision, too. Their popularity makes it pretty easy to get a good deal on eBay for replacement frames or lenses if you ever need them, which shouldn't be too often if you treat your goggles right.

Like all goggles, it's important never to touch the inside of the lens when it's wet. You'll smear that anti-fog coating right off and have a nice big smudge in your line of sight you now must deal with. Barring any such unfortunate incidents, however, the anti-fog on these goggles works pretty well. In typical conditions I rarely had a fogging issue, even if it was a blustery day that required a balaclava or face mask. If a bit of fogging did occur, all that I needed to do was start moving a little bit and the ventilation system did its job. In atypical conditions, though, this goggle failed me quite miserably.

If you choose to buy these goggles, and I'd like to make it clear that I do recommend them for most skiers, be very careful that the ventilation ports on the front and the top of the goggle stay clear of any debris. Both ports are needed to keep the air flowing and to prevent fog from building. On a clear, crisp day I took a few spills head-first into powder and came up with snow clogging the vents. No fogging occurred the rest of the way down to the lift, and I shook out the goggles on the chair. Pretty good performance so far...

That afternoon a storm rolled in. Snowflakes from the storm clogged the vents and fog formed quickly. (The snowflakes probably melted and then re-froze inside the vents, too). Then the fog froze on the inside of the goggles, rendering them completely opaque, and at the top of the mountain in a blustery storm, I was forced to inch my way down without the goggles, squinting my eyes against the painful precipitation. Not an experience I'd wish on anybody else.

In general, the A Frames performed very well, and with a wide variety of lenses (and frame colors, too!), provided me with good optical clarity and protection against the elements. If you court extreme weather and conditions, however, (and I mean intense!), I might think twice about getting these goggles. I'm slightly bummed to do so, but I will be selling my Oakleys and trying a different pair of goggles that are slightly more active in their fog resistance. One option are the Smith Turbo Fan Phenoms, which use a fan to maintain air flow within the goggles, and another option I'm looking at are the Smith I/O goggles, which seem to have more ventilation, and a fantastic method for super-quick lens changes on the fly, to adjust for quickly changing conditions

N.B. For those who are curious, this goggle does not accommodate eyeglasses. I highly recommend getting daily contacts for those days on which you will be skiing!


Pros: Good fit, wide selection of lenses, good field of view

Cons: Occasional fogging up

I've had two pairs of A Frames for several years now.  Bought the first pair (with high intensity blue lens) at Whistler in order to have better vision in low-light conditions.  Generally worked fine until this past winter on a particularly snowy day at Whistler, when I had serious fogging up problems.  Haven't. figured out why but could be caused by the problems noted by other reviewer.  My second pair is reserved for bright days, as it has a lens to cut down on sunlight.  Works well and, because I never wear this pair when it's snowing, have never had a problem with fogging up.


Pros: Fit is nice

Cons: definitely not the best lens

 wit iridium a nice lens for nice weather, but for bad weather a big raaaaaaaaaaah what the f was that due to lousy sight.
the Hi Yellow might be better, so far i prefer the Carrera Ultrasights (old models) and the new smiths over this one.


Pros: Simple proven design, Incredible optics

Cons: High priced replacement lenses

 I have been teaching with the A-Frame for 6 years.  I wasn't an early adopter, and didn't like to pay full retail for goggles when I had many others to choose at 1/3 the cost.  I decided to give them a try and paid retail for my first pair. However, now I wouldn't ski anything but the A-frame. The first pair lasted about 350 ski days and then the foam at the top started to wear out.  180 days on my new pair and they are perfect.  Now, I use the first pair for sunny days.  I bought my second pair two summers ago on sale ($65).  A-Frame with Black Iridium lens.  Very good all condition lens. (although the blue iridium is better for low light conditions).

I must say, if a user skis or rides with a helmet he should try their goggle on with the helmet in the store.  I tried the Oakley Wisdom with my helmets and it pressed the bridge of my nose.

Optics - Oakley optics are the best for me.  I have worn Bolle, however they created some distortion when I looked to the bottom of the lens.  Currently I use Blue (rose base) and Black Iridium (grey base), and the VR50(rose base) lenses.  All are fantastic, and more durable than I expected.   I keep two goggles in my locker for different light conditions.  

Ventilation - The ventilation is excellent, and I don't fog.  When I first saw the A-frame I didn't like the vent holes at the bottom of the frame.  But since I don't see them when I ski, who cares because the vents work well.  Although it is possible for them to clog with snow, most goggles don't even have the vents on the lower frame.  I have rarely found them to ever create a problem.

The Fit - Compact with excellent peripheral view.  Similar to the Smith Phenom goggle (also excellent)


Style - The frame colors are mild to wild.  Oakley sets the standard


Pros: good for small/woman's faces

Cons: can not think of any

I have two pair- one with the High Intensity Persimon (sp?) lens and the other with the Black Irdiium lens. I find the HI Persimon (sp?) lens is a good all purpose lens and gets me through the flat light time of day here in the east better than most lens. The Black Iridium is great for the real intense, bluebird sky days! I like the A Frame lens better than most I have tried for a female skier with a small frame.


Pros: fit, lens color, stylish

Cons: gripper head band makes it hard to adjust on a helmet.

I got these for the H I yellow lens to help with low light days.  Very happy with them so far.

Oakley A Frame Goggle

Oakley's A Frame Goggles with Iridium Lenses block more visible light than the standard A-Frame lenses, making them the goggle of choice for cold, sunny days. You don't lose any of the A-Frame's famous optical clarity or wide peripheral view. A triple layer of face foam insulates and provides maximum comfort. The flexible urethane chassis is chiseled with ram-air surge ports for a circular flow of defogging ventilation. The A Frame Goggles are best for medium to small faces.

Recommended UseSkiing
Manufacturer WarrantyLimited
Weight8oz (227g)
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
Face SizeSmall to medium
Frame MaterialPlastic
Lens MaterialLexan plastic
Strap MaterialElastic
Face Foam MaterialFoam
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Silver/Permisson, Size: One Size
Color: Red/Black Iridium, Size: One Size
Color: Carbon Fiber/Black, Size: One Size
Color: Matte Black/H.I. Amber Polar, Size: One Size25-362
Color: Matte Olive/VR28, Size: One Size02-585
Color: Jet Black/VR28 Polar, Size: One Size02-578
Color: Grean Tea/Persimmon, Size: One Size02-590700285025902
Color: Dark Metallic Red/Pink, Size: One Size25-402
Color: Concrete/Pink, Size: One Size02-062
Color: Carbon Fiber/VR28, Size: One Size02-505700285025056
Color: Carbon Fiber/Persimmon, Size: One Size
Color: Black/Pink Iridium, Size: One Size02-064
Color: Black/Black Iridium, Size: One Size25-396
Color: Blue Argyle/G30, Size: One Size25-405
Color: Blue Argyle/Persimmon, Size: One Size02-601
Color: Amethyst/Persimmon, Size: One Size02-602700285026022
Color: Pearl/Blue, Size: One Size
Color: Oakley Text/Black, Size: One Size
Color: Matte White/Pink Iridium, Size: One Size
Color: White/Pink Iridium, Size: One Size
Color: Matte White/Black Irid, Size: One Size
Color: Jet Black/Pink, Size: One Size
Color: Pink/Black Iridium, Size: One Size
Color: Black/Persimmon, Size: One Size02-596
Size: One Size
Color: Toast/VR28, Size: One Size
Color: Olive/Black Iridium, Size: One Size
Color: Hot Pink/Blk Irid, Size: One Size
Color: Amethyst/Black Iridium, Size: One Size700285254074
Color: Amethyst/Black Iridium, Size: One Size700285254074
Color: Silver/Fire, Size: One Size
Color: Powder/Black, Size: One Size
Color: Lemon/H.I. Blue, Size: One Size
Color: Blue to Clr Fade/H.I.Persim, Size: One Size25-390
Color: Crystal Blue/Black, Size: One Size
Color: Jet Black/Blue, Size: One Size
Color: Jet Black/Fire, Size: One Size
Color: Clear/Fire Iridium, Size: One Size
Color: Blue Tortoise/H.I. Yellow, Size: One Size