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Northstar-at-Tahoe Reviews

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quite nice


Pros: open when others are on windhold

Cons: wants to be Vail or Aspen.

It's nice. Just nice.   We have season passes to Squaw, Heavenly, Nsatar/Sierra and Heavenly and Kirkwood, We bought the Nstar passes because a) +1 is a low intermediate and loves it, b) I wangled thepasses at about $US200 each to ski spring 2010 free + 2010/11, c) we're there only 5 days and d) chances are SV will be on windhold. I turned down an offer to 'try' a condo for a week free with 'rights' to a 'mountaintop' club house. Its not a place I'd commit too. Wants to be 'exclusive' but then it wants normal people who get crowded dining areas with very ordinary self-serve  fast-food.

Boo Flatstar


Cons: the mountain is flat

I'm sure I'm biased here and this could be a great resort for amateur skiiers or those learning to tackle more blue runs. I have never enjoyed Northstar much for the lack of challenging runs and the crowds are too much to handle. The last time I was there a drunk 15 year old kid knocked me off the chair while we were loading, leaving me in a snowbank under the chair. Obviously I wasn't too happy about that. Needs some crowd control!

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Great place to ski


Pros: Awesome snow making and grooming. Very Friendly. Varied terrain. Excellent Trees. Great Park. Wonderful hiking for fresh powder (when it happens!)

Cons: No double blacks. Not enough bumps. Parking

Northstar is a great area if you don't need adrenaline rush steeps. The Martis Camp chair and Backside chair offer good advanced terrain. The White Rabbit area and Sawtooth Ridge of a great off piste experience as do the many glades that have been set aside for off piste skiing. The food is excellent. Northstar is a great place for a family ski vacation. If you haven't been for a while, you will be surprised by what it has grown to be.

Northstar Rocks

My favorite Tahoe resort, Northstar is fantastic.  The skiing is great, snow making is great, village is great.  It doesn't get much better than Northstar.

Good resort


Pros: Great terrain parks, awesome tree skiing.

Cons: So...many...chinese...people. And it isn't called flat-star for nothing.

Awesome terrain parks, and great tree skiing. But, It gets very crowded, and like I said, It's not called, flat-star for nothing.



Pros: Family

Cons: Conservative

Northstar's a great place for families with kids.



Pros: Amazing Park, Killer Trees, Some Amazing Secret Sweet Spots, World Class Grooming, Some Great Off-Piste Opportunities, Village is pretty awesome, HUGE

Cons: Not the most challenging terrian, Crowded, "Chic", No cornices, No rock chutes, Way too expensive

I work as Mountain Safety / Patrol at Northstar, its my home mountain, great trees, no wind holds, 15 minutes from my house.   Some advice to anyone going, if the snow is any good, get the hell off the runs and go exploring. Northstar is huge (doesn't seem like it on the runs but it is). Go find some boundry lines and I will guarantee that you will enjoy yourself. If the snow is bad, stick to the runs and go irresponsibly fast, just not in the slow zones please...