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Nordica Speedmachine Mach 3 Power


Pros: Great feedback, Strong edge grip

Great all mountain ski - from green and blue groomers to crud and moguls.  I have the 06/07 model in 170cm and the 07/08 in 162cm and enjoy both in all terrain and conditions.  Some find the Mach 3 Power to be stiff and unforgiving, so demo! ...many also find it a different ski in different lengths.


Other skis I own:

Fischer WC SC 160cm

Nordica Dobermann SLR 165cm

Nordica Hot Rod Modified 170cm



Skier profile:



ability level (if you know)=working on it
number of years skiing=36
lessons taken=1 to 2 ESA's/ETU's per year starting with #1 in 2003;
other lessons=skiing with coaches and instructor clinics regularly
most frequently skied terrain (green, blue, black, bumps, trees, etc)=Yeah, all that
average number of days skied per year=60+ in recent years


Pros: GS turns on hardpack, holds well, solid performer

Cons: Too stiff for effective bump skiing

From my previous thread


Conditions: Spring race camp. Spring granular frozen overnight. Mostly skied in the shade and in-course.

My specs: 6’, 170lbs. male, 35th season skiing, PSIA level II cert. Ski fast, love to turn, enjoy the “arc and spark”, and powder. Gearhead.

My own equipment (05/06 season): Tecnica Icon Race XT17 boots with ZipFit Plug Leather liners, 162cm Atomic Metron m:b5 skis, Leki AERO Viper Trigger poles, Marker helmet and goggles.

This review consists of my thoughts and impressions of these skis. As all should know, ski impressions are driven by personal preference, technique, preferred sensations, and so on. Some have said that we prefer skis that mask our technique issues. Probably true. We also probably prefer those that our technique can really use. So, this is not doctrine. Simply what I think about what I felt.

Skiing style/technique: I have asked some ski instructors and race coaches to describe my skiing to give you an idea of my technical ability. Here's what they had to say: "dynamic, smooth, efficient. Good turn completion. Occasional tendency not to move down the hill on initiation that is easily corrected when you think about it." "...skiing looked generally quite good. You seem to ski a pretty aggressive line and generally in balance. Your turns are generally carved, even on the pitches. The thing I did notice that I would comment on if I were coaching you was a stance that seemed a bit narrow, and a turn initiation that seemed a bit steery." "...you are a technically strong, aggressive skier with a bias toward power rather than finesse. Smooth and fast!!" All that said, I felt pretty out of my element in the gates today, so do not take these insights as coming from a hard-charging gate-basher...

Preference in skis: If you consider the skis that I prefer, you'll see that I like 'em light and lively. I like a lot of snow feel and energy in the ski. I prefer a slalom racing ski feel for my personal skis, and I love the carve.

The Speedmachine line is Nordica's carver line, and they have gotten rave reviews from many. The Mach3 Power is their top-of-the-line carver with a GS sidecut. I decided to try it as a possible "step down" from the GS R that would provide me a ski that I could ski in many conditions, but that would help me work on some technique focuses (specifically, moving my body more inside the turn in order to bend the skis more).

While the lengths were different (this was the only size available), and I only got to ski the ski at the end of the day for a couple of runs, it seems to me that the ski answers the challenge very well. It definitely arcs turns of comparable radius to the GS R, while not being quite so demanding. It also is a bit wider underfoot (72mm), allowing it to be a bit more versatile. I did get to ski it in-course, and found it very calm even in the late-in-the-day ruts.

This is a nice ski to try if you're looking for a smooth, effective carver with a longer radius sidecut.


Pros: Very stabe at speed, likes to be on edge all the time, awsome on hard snow (ice)

Cons: Not very forgiving at slow speed or in bumps

I love this ski for what it was designed for, making big fast turns on long groomers. It has tenacious edge hold on hard snow.  However, it is not all that versatile at slower speeds or in bumps.  Not a good ski for a ski instructor, you have to work it too much at slower speeds.

I have it in my quiver and will ski it often and us it for teaching NASTAR clinics.

Nordica Speedmachine Mach 3 Power

From Nordica: Built like the highpowered machine that it is, the SPEEDMACHINE® MACH 3 POWER has unparalleled performance and stability at high speeds and with the addition of XBi, they will thrill any aggressive expert who wants the ride of their lives. A NORDICA RECALL MAY APPLY TO THIS SKI http://www.epicski.com/wiki/nordica-binding-recall

Lengths154 (R13,5), 162 (R14,5), 170 (R15,0), 178 (R15,8)
Turn Radius13.5, 14.5, 15.0 or 15.8 depending on length
Core MaterialWood
Binding SystemMarker
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended UseFrontside, hardpack, GS turns
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Additional Info
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Troubleshooting/Known Issues:


This binding that comes with this ski has been recalled:



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