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Nordica Speedmachine 110 Ski Boots Mens Reviews

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Hate these boots!


Pros: None

Cons: So uncomfortable.

These are the worst bit of ski kit I have ever purchased, even after having them back at the shop twice. My shins were murdered in these the 1st time out, tried different socks & changed the liner. Been back in to the shop twice to have them heated through still no joy. Can't go another season in pain so these are getting binned.

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Different Class


Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing

Quite simply, these are the best-performing and most comfortable boots I have ever worn on the slopes - granted I haven't been through a whole heap but when I put these on it's like wearing butter they are that smooth. The performance is fantastic as well - a must buy!

Nordica Speedmachine


Pros: good boot

Cons: a little on the cool side

Got a black toe first 2 days last December, went to a ski shop and the manager rented me the Nordica Speedmachines,  Instant relieve, able to use my custom footbeds.  Skied great total comfort, total control.  The only thing was they were a season or 2 old, and seemed a little cooler to my toes that my DaleBoots, with Intitution liners.

A beautiful boot for my feets.


Pros: snug, comfortable, easy to buckle-unbuckle

Cons: none

I really, really, really like my  Nordica Speedmachine 110 boots.  6 days in and they fit like a glove.  I can wear them all day and not have any pain or discomfort.  A nice snug fit, any tighter and I wouldn’t be able to get my feet in or out of them.  I went to a bootfitter and tried on Salomons, Tecnicas, and Nordicas, the fitter said one of those three would fit my foot the best.  The Nordicas felt the best.   I also had custom insoles made, that probably also contributes to the excellent fit and feel of the boots.  The Nordica Speedmachines have definitely helped me improve my skiing; a snug, comfortable fit and just the right amount of...
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Yes, Nordica still makes great boots ...


Pros: Good flex, lateral responsiveness & overall comfort ...

Cons: Ankle-heel snugness may be lacking for some ...

Bought them early 2009 -- On the recommendation of the manager of my home mountain ski/boot shop, and at a price better than the 'pro-form' discount.  With numerous problems (feet-ankles-knees), these are the best-fitting, most comfortable out-of-the-box boots I've ever had. Needless to say, my ABB-guy has been a tremendous asset in the fitting process.  In the space of 8-years, I've worn a number of boots --Dynafit ('broke' the shell),Technica (sloppy), Strolz (cold, heavy), Rossignol (too narrow, stiff) -- and these.  It's a great all-day boot, whether you're teaching ( we've got 7-instructors on them) or ripping the front-side.  Verdict:  A real good 'cost-fit' option. Definitely,...
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Most comfortable I've had


Pros: Terrific fit, appropriate stiffness, good looks,

Cons: Can't. think of any; might not be stiff enough for expert skiers.

Have had the Speedmachine 110 for about 1 1/2 seasons.  The best-fitting, most comfortable boots I've ever had.  Over the years, I've worn Raichle, Technica, Salomon, etc.  The Nordicas provide a snug fit, with very little discomfort.  Stiffness level allows me to progress to a more advanced level of skiing (advanced intermediate) without causing me to work a lot.  Look forward to getting several more seasons out of these, at which point I will look to Nordica again. 
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