A Review On: Nordica Speed Machine 10 Ski Boot - Men's

Nordica Speed Machine 10 Ski Boot - Men's

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Pros: fit, comfort, performance

Cons: ummm...let me get back to ya.

I've been skiing since 1975, and have owned many boots, Lange, Dynafit, as well as earlier Nordicas. I must say these are the best ever.  I am a tall, aggressive skier - (yes, still - stay active, kids!) And I believe the highest praise I can give these boots is, I NEVER THINK ABOUT THEM when I'm skiing. I'm not thinking "ouch, I need to adjust that buckle", or "my heel's lifting too much, need to do something about that". All I'm thinking is, "Wow, what a great run!" or occasionally, "OH S**T!" But the boots are just part of me.  And here's the kicker... when I drop in the lodge for a snack, I DON'T HAVE TO UNBUCKLE THEM!  I know, weird, huh? But true.  Bottom line - buy what's right for you, but absolutely try these on.  cheers.


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